1. Yes, but if you had to keep one, you'd keep the higher CR one right?

  2. If you're only keeping one set then agreed, I'd keep CR. But for me it's absolutely worth it to keep good gear, it lets me kill a few hundred mobs more before I have to turn in my monster essence. I often run dungeons solo and the difference is around, during a 9-10s vengeance window, 1.5m damage done and 2m damage done. And like you said castle defense

  3. Welcome to MMORPG grind. not so for gen Zs. Even TV series now are only 10 episodes (back in the day its 22)

  4. Bro all the timegating happening here is exactly a gen z thing, nothing like the "back in the day" MMORPGs

  5. 25 h5 wisps to get 1 h6 item, I wouldn't do it and instead would use them now, unless you don't need more h5 sets. And we can also always hope there won't be h6...

  6. Just world farm, don't waste your time with story side quests, circle farming is better

  7. How do people look at 44.6 and say 44 and not 45 tho

  8. The difference between super high and super low resistance is around 57% shorter cc effects, 0.65/1.5=0.43. Or in other words if your resistance is super low you get CC'd for 2.3x longer than when it's super high. It's very important

  9. Does it have to be the same gem type? ie: 2seeping bile would upgrade to 4seeping bile if the 4* was used?

  10. Yeah cuz it has to be used as a dupe, not as gem power

  11. Depends on where you draw the east west line, I draw it where we had the wall during the cold war but that's just my opinion.

  12. Fairly sure Poland is considered Eastern Europe, Germany is usually the boundary between East and West, Germany being on the West side. Basically anything to the right of Austria/Germany and above like Serbia/Romania is Eastern Europe. Romania can be in both I think, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

  13. Yeah poland definitely isn't Western Europe, but when Central is considered I believe poland is usually included

  14. Echo shade is the best offensive x/5 gem for DH, I'm not sure if the same applies to monk. My shades crit for 60k, which is as much as my own hits

  15. It’s like when a&w released 1/3 pound burger to compete with the quarter pounder. People didn’t like it because it was smaller for the same price. :8487:

  16. And I still don't understand how are americans eating burgers with less than half a pound of meat every time I'm hearing about this

  17. They only ever feature the original 6 essences for every item

  18. I love how a ton of people think they couldnt stomp a frikkin eagle but a similar amount think they would stand a chance against a muscle bound chimp.

  19. Depends on how they understand the question I guess. They might agree that the bear would likely win, but they're saying they stand a chance, even if it's small

  20. The higher hell difficulties would have to be developed in time. Otherwise you would have the new paragon trees and paragon levels that would add more combat rating with nothing new to do. Plus there are no doubt other things in the new patch that is coming that might be what we need as far as new content. Will it be challenging, at first it might. But then when we have played it awhile then it won't be. That is how things goes in games.

  21. I just want it to be like other diablo games, where you can grind levels and your equipment doesn't become obsolete. If you find some amazing item it's amazing forever

  22. Is the future of the game just unlimited paragon levels and unlimited hell levels?

  23. I'm more and more afraid it is, now I just have to choose when to abandon my delusions and quit

  24. I don’t see how it makes them a piece of booboo, but you could just scan one drink then count the rest and just put it in the system like that

  25. How do you count them if they're in the cart tho

  26. Haven’t played, does it really spell it out for you that quick?

  27. I think there's some rng aspect to it. During my playthrough it happened 3 times that they gave me a hint within ~5s, but each time I already knew the answer, thankfully didn't happen on a few puzzles (2 or 3 of them) that I was stuck on for around a minute or even 2.

  28. In addition to hell 6, challenge rifts will have more than 200 levels. Also, earlier I realized that if hell 5 is no longer the End Game and they are talking about potentially going up to Hell 8, why wouldn't we have future helliquary raids with much higher difficulty levels? It would make sense to have somewhere to use that extra CR, and a faster way of farming helliquary...

  29. Yeah they should come with more hell levels, only point to have them. How silly it is tho when endgame is all about making old gear obsolete and getting new gear to run new artificially more difficult content

  30. For pve rank 10 pebble is great for horse duration, can get the CD down to around 1s. I'd switch out torment

  31. I'm a 3k reso DH and never got killed by a whale sader like that. If they follow up with some hits then yeah it's gg, but I can't imagine how it would pull off 100k+ hp crits

  32. yeah sure.... hater gonna hate... idk... looks like it....

  33. I'm definitely not hating on it, can't wait to play, but I can't tell either on the first pic. Top looks better, bottom has tons of weird reflections. But whichever one it is I'm sure it will look a lot better when playing

  34. Today I haven't been getting any gems in dungeons on my alts but I have in open world, seems like a nerf to dungeons. Horrible timing since open world is too crowded to farm in right now

  35. ah, so it seems, but the exceptional quality level ranges from 5500 cr to 8000 cr.

  36. Item score? I'm not looking at it as it doesn't matter but set item stats do not change with para level. Max CR remains 385 for double and 424 on triple just like at p240

  37. Hey! My understanding was CR is the value of all primary stats added up. Have I been wrong this whole time? I have an item that is 156 fort - 159 will - 154 str... that adds up to more than 424. it is 469. Several people I know are running multiple trips in the 170's range...

  38. You were right, but I'm talking about set items. Legendaries scale with p level so we're seeing them close to 190s right now, but set items only scale with difficulty minimum paragon, p240 in h5

  39. Not much. 1200€ for 90 Resonance is pretty insane…

  40. Yeah but I don't think it's possible. On average it should be 360-450 more or less. Even hitting every pity, which is pretty impossible, should be at least 180, more likely 270. Sounds like bad market understanding and management to me. Also average plat from 1 orb bundle should be around 150k, give or take 20k depending on market prices, and even being super super unlucky should be close to impossible to not get more than 72k you get from buying plat with orbs, even more so when buying more than 1 pack and averaging out your luck more

  41. DH can also use smokescreen to go through guards. I don't do it tho cuz I'm using echoing shade

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