1. Had this for about 2 years. Felt like I was dying slowly due to nutritional deficiencies.

  2. I have heard this also especially about soil based probiotics, this one especially

  3. Good luck with always needing a source. I trust true life experience when I start reading it multiple times on different sites from real people with no agenda other than to share their experiences

  4. Yeah the 5:30 hours of preparation would indeed be intense

  5. Everything is on standby already. Once the bomb goes off that's the sound of the start gun.

  6. Uhhhhh. Looks like drone pilot calibrating his dropper... and the round used hardly has an impact on said APC.

  7. I have to say, irrespective of any military considerations, Ukraine's trolling at top government level is unparalleled in the history of warfare.

  8. High 30s to 40s normally and hypermilling 50+.

  9. Yep. Blood draws always help along with a low heme diet.

  10. How much did you leave levels drop after each venesection?

  11. Can't recall off hand but it drops a lot after each blood draw.

  12. Wait, you can buy a house for 160,000 in the US? Here in central Europe you can't even afford a decent plot for that price

  13. I bought my first home in 2007 for $85,000. Had two bedrooms, two dining rooms, one and a half bath, one car garage with two carports, ranch style fence, in ground sprinkler system, and central air.

  14. Yup its bullshit, life would be better if I were shaped like a wooden barrel.


  16. That and beds, why are there no beds for people over 6 foot

  17. Cali king is what I have and sleep at a slight angle. Shouldn't be that way though lol.

  18. He should've stayed and help facilitate.

  19. I have a Walmart special LG TV and 4K/HDR are only supported on HDMI1 and not 2-3

  20. Sounds about right for most Walmart TVs

  21. Japan thought the same thing when they bombed Pearl Harbor. It didn't work out so well then, just as it won't work for Russia now.

  22. To be fair though back then the US wasn't the miltary technology powerhouse it became afterward.

  23. What I don't understand is why those troops that (I guess) are the ones that left everything behind escaping from izium suddenly decided to stay in Lyman while being encricled.. Are those troops better trained or different from the ones that left izium? I was waiting for another stampede..

  24. They were given orders by the man in the high castle to hold the city.

  25. This is the grim future of warfare. I think I saw a Black Mirror episode about this...

  26. This was the premise of Enders game to a degree.

  27. QA logs the bugs and writes the steps for it

  28. Why would you let someone else use it when you get more points using it yourself?

  29. You get more points letting them use it while you get kills/heals points.

  30. 1149 melee kills, damn man you're so cruel to yourself. I never melee in BF2042 it's inconsistent, it's broken, it's just awful. You had to see this 1149 times in your life, god bless you. 😂


  32. If they were fighting with NATO, they wouldn't face tanks but F-35s, Tornados, Typhoons and Rafales.


  34. This dipshits keep going on about "ThEy ArE fIgHtInG NaTo!!!!1!".


  36. Indeed, and at the same time the troops living in a bubble would think this on the line as they've been told they're fighting Ukrainians with old shittier soviet era stuff.

  37. You're correct but to be fair its better than nothing at all.

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