1. he did get his treats last night, fyi

  2. Excellent, this is why he looks extra gorgeous tonight.

  3. im happy with what we got. our defense is going to be nasty, which we’ll need more this year without adams. taking someone from NDSU is dope too as a ND boy. idk what the fuck the vikings we’re thinking trading us that pick though, not that im complaining.

  4. Im very happy with ours as well. Defense should definitely improve and with the FA signings and the Jamo draft our WR room looks a lot better.

  5. I suppose if a team wanted to run 1 F 3 D, they could maybe have a d-man practice faceoffs? Not that it's a great idea, but wingers often lose faceoffs anyway

  6. Alternatively just have Sergei Fedorov on your team thereby eliminating the need for a 3D cus he was good enough at that anyway.

  7. Think most people are giving him the benefit of the doubt here.

  8. Yeah, this isn't like the Guentzel hit at all.

  9. This isn’t acceptable in our country. We need to wake up. Our country is in serious danger

  10. Unfortunately if they did nothing after Sandy Hook and in the years after that, nothing is likely gonna happen now either. :(

  11. For those unaware of what's happened.

  12. Detroit Lions legend Corn Elder!

  13. finland can still finish 1st (regulation win) 2nd (OT win/loss) or 3rd (regulation loss). presumably they wanna avoid 2nd place as that would mean facing canada in the quarter finals

  14. Sweden is guaranteed first or second at this point yeah?

  15. Once again the department of player safety proves themselves to be absolute clowns.

  16. Whats up with the team distributions per country, like England having 7 teams despite not really being that strong of a league? Finland having 1 more team as well compared to Sweden and German. Czechia only having 3 teams as well.

  17. I still don't think Kadri is at fault for the Binner injury. But I'm still a little miffed he's got 2.

  18. Nah bro, give vasi the credit he earned 50 shots

  19. I was talking the entire series.

  20. Nuh! You're a giant in spirit, so im technically not bullying you.

  21. Absolutely he saved the running game for the Lions, hopefully Ben isn't useless in that department, seemed we ran fine with MCDC calling plays.

  22. Duce apparently helped with the run game stuff too if i recall, so maybe Duce is gonna be somewhat involved with the run game stuff for Ben.

  23. How has my boy Mo been doing over there for Germany? I haven't been able to watch/catch their games unfortunately.

  24. This is the cutest thing ever.

  25. Did y'all get an update on Makar?

  26. The best Jiji. Very good floof.

  27. Nice defensive coverage Cats.

  28. I got these small blue pills if you need them Panthers for that flaccid PP of yours.


  30. I know some people have a bit of hate for Shea Weber after that Z incident, but I love him.

  31. It's not just the incident it's that he made fun of the Z incident in training immediately afterwards as well with teammates and the Nashville social media team even made #webering a hashtag on social media.

  32. We were honestly close to having Bure too though. We're a pretty spoiled franchise already though given the players we go to see come through during the 90's and early 00's.

  33. And don’t even get me started on Emmitt haha

  34. Even Emmitt acknowledges Barry as ahead of him

  35. Hey, we're not at the bottom! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  36. I was all set to get mad at Matt Patricia for this until I realized we still had Caldwell and Teryl Austin in 2017. What an awful season

  37. Teryl Austin was so so as a DC after we lost Suh etc and Caldwell would still mismanage personnel changes and the amount of people on the field.

  38. From the bottom of my heart, fuck you NFL. You really had to hurt me immediately with this fucking clip.

  39. Kako and Lafreniere, both are busts lmao


  41. Tyler Toffolis dog is roughly the same size as Johnny Hockey.

  42. Johnny Hockey once sent me Maple Syrup when i was feeling down and I was missing Canada.

  43. I disagree. The man has caused me nothing but pain.

  44. I was about to say, ask a Detroit fan how they feel about Tucker

  45. Incredible kicker but he has broken my heart twice and thats two too many.

  46. disclaimer: I don’t speak a word of Finnish so Finnish speakers please let me know if I understood the article correctly based on the Google translation

  47. Holy fuck, what dumbassery from that reporter.

  48. Moritz Seider with Brandon Carlo.

  49. God I love watching that kid. Can't wait to see what he does with Edvinsson next to him. Still can't get over how good he was having to carry the corpse of Danny Dekeyser all season

  50. I don't think Edvinsson will be first pairing.

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