1. I have the same experience with feeling cold on Vyanse and taking a bath helps and also to eat something.

  2. The legendary version of the Black Unicorn is a crafted item and you need the associated crafting perk to use it. You would need a mod to get around that requirement or give you the perk (or save editor, maybe).

  3. or you upgrade it 12 times and it becomes legendary.

  4. there is one you can get for free. on the roof of Yorinobus mansion in the hills and you can buy them from a ripper doc cross the street from where the Peralez. It says Arasaka on the wall of the ripper doc.

  5. I have found several of these both on patch 1.5 and 1.6 and it's a good way to get legendary mods for glasses if you have the perk that gives mods back when being disassembled.

  6. it's so beautiful to watch :) love it and when the drone yell at V in Japanese, oh my god how lovely this experience is 😃

  7. And its sensitive about how far from any solid object one can shot from for not to do this. sometimes I feel like the game is punishing me for using murder to provide a steady income because I wasn't that close to anything yet I blew myself up with it 😃

  8. I have never not let the kids win this. how do the cop react to us winning? I still get the gun right?

  9. love it and the crafting was/is one of the things that put this and the second both at first place for me :)

  10. do it all now and do not wait for the future you to do it :)

  11. You can reach it during the Corpo intro. After that, IIRC, you can use the lift if you choose the Rogue ending. I really don't think you can reach it otherwise.

  12. but you can't double jump on the roof during that ending so one could not get the loot that way

  13. Contemplating it but I have all the cars and bikes I want. Is there a trophy for buying all the cars?

  14. Yes there is an achievement for buying all of the cars I am currently working the streets making money to buy em all.

  15. Ah, didn’t know that. I have way too many eddies. Time to go spend some for a trophy lol

  16. Go for it :) took me three days to harvest the amount of eddies to buy the ones I did not already own.

  17. In my opinion it is worth it even with all the crashes if one have no other options but I switched to using a digital copy for patch 1.6 instead of using a physical copy and now it rarely crashes any more.

  18. I wouldnt consider this game crashing every half hour 'worth it'.

  19. I feel you :) That is FNW for me and I stil kept playing the game with great satisfaction and cyberpunk was almost as generous with crashes as FNW and I still feel that it is worth it. With patch 1 6 almost all of the issues from 1 5 is gone and the game runs smooth compared to the former version. 1-2 crashes an hour before and 1 per day or 1 per 2 days is the difference from 1 5 to 1 6 from my experience.

  20. From my experience we have to buy melee mods from a vendor and I haven't found any crafting specs for those.

  21. Well that’s unfortunate, I was hoping to get legendary variations.

  22. So far I have only found one epic melee mod (damage 6) in all of the game and I really run all over the map searching for something to loot.

  23. I am sad to hear this and one would expect that there would be a way for left handed players to play the game.

  24. It's just such a weird oversight. If the game had come out 2002 I would have understood it, but a game coming out after 2010... It's unheard of, basically to not have customizable keyboard layout.

  25. I am glad to see that you found a solution :)

  26. concerta does not show as amphetamine on a urin test.

  27. manuver system or the one that extends the sandy and kerenzikov time.

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