1. A lo mejor el problema está también en equiparar a cualquier persona legítimamente preocupada por temas "culturalmente superados" con estos conspiranoicos.

  2. Tienes toda la razón: económicamente se necesitarían muchísimos más inmigrantes.

  3. asthma privilege. sorry y’all i’d die of no air

  4. "Sorry can't die of bullets, already called D bs on dying of no air"

  5. Do I get killed by em? No. Can I hit em with bandit or railgunner? No, and that's why I hate them

  6. Yea of course! Just check with ur play group first, might be too good.

  7. /uj Things like this is why I'm sometimes hesitant to say I play this game to outsiders.

  8. /uj Feel you! Funnily enough that‘s why I‘m trying to be super open about it to be a good representation for the community.

  9. /UJ I was there and sometimes am, but I wouldn't throw it around in a work environment for example, in case I don't get to "explain myself". Too risky.

  10. I built an incredibly janky combo-token deck using Max and Lucas from the Stranger Things Secret Lair as the commanders, and shoved as many Fortnite cards into it as I could. The combo is hard enough to assemble that I need the tilt factor to help me get to the endgame, and honestly if you're butthurt about the specific game pieces then you're kind of a manchild and deserve the tilt

  11. /UJ I usually go with whatever art I like the most. If I like several, I use splits. Now for a competitive setting, there's a slim number of cases where having different arts is a downside but it's barely noticeable and let's be real, most magic players don't play well enough to start worrying about those cases.

  12. I have an ameboid changeling playmat and never disappoints. We could be playmat buddies.

  13. Because Murktide is a midrange deck, not a tempo one. Midranges decks sometimes lean into tempo, but not always.

  14. You find it... *rolls die* ... more tasty than usual.

  15. Could have made the queen bigger. Plus, everything is possible if you believe in it. But it will be difficult yes

  16. This last Sunday 71 players gathered in Osaka Japan to play some Legacy.

  17. Why is Raffine stoneforge called like that if it doesn't have it? It's Esper.

  18. He has several blankets that range in a variety of textures and sizes.

  19. As a big fan of Approach of the Second Sun and a proud owner of a sculptable afro, I feel like I was made for this

  20. We gonna need to ban you in competitive unfinity drafts, too strong!

  21. Ye but violence bad when it fights for civil rights that do not affect me personally, you know?

  22. Antifa…. the anti-fascist group…. started in the 21st century…. helped Hitler…. the fascist… seize power… in the 1930s.

  23. Not only did they helped Hitler, but also steal my time machine! Those bastards!

  24. I did this with my cat once as a joke to mess with him, and when I put him down he was annoyed it ended up so fast.

  25. Does PoP even get played in Legacy outside of Burn? Burn isn't even good.

  26. Yes, is a very powerful sideboard card. It usually in the SB now because a) decks that want it are more board oriented and b) many decks adapted their mana bases (mostly control ones) to either run Into, be semi inmune to wasteland, or both, hence why wasn't as good lately.

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