1. You can bounce them off my balls as you tit fuck my cock. That would be super helpful!

  2. We had someone in my shop take an orbital sander to the table of a VF5. Later, we used that same orbital sander on his nice Jeep he had recently purchased. He was right, “didn’t hurt nothin.”

  3. If you buy that, you still won’t own a milling machine, and you’ll be out 700$

  4. I’m gonna be honest, you got a lot of variables here that are contributing to this fucked up hole. The reamer is the least of your worries at this point. Don’t drill a hole and have half of it going in to some bastard spot drill some drunkard left there. You have space, use it. Drilling through Interrupted features is a whole other topic. Those facets you see around the entry of your hole, they shouldn’t be there. This is usually a sign of you rodding that drill in there without using a center, the drill bounces around like it’s having a damn seizure trying to find is own center of rotation. Non spit point drills are notorious for this sort of behavior if you don’t use a centering drill. If the drill isn’t new, make sure the primary cutting, wait, scratch this, get a new damn drill. As some posters mentioned already, look up some rpm guidelines. Feed rates. Whatever. Ball park it. Then drill the hole again. Use a center drill, then follow it with the drill, using a reasonable rpm for the drill. This sequence is time proven, forget what you like, what your preference is, use a method that has worked for decades before deciding to shortcut it. This is real basic shit. Now, See what it looks like. Post it here. Then, we talk about reaming it.

  5. Something about the toe clamps makes me giggle when I look at this.

  6. I had the same reaction! Tiny little toes holding that thing! Like a toddler in size 16 shoes.

  7. 150%? You're a better man than I, I have to single block with the rapid turned down to 20% or I M08 after the safety code

  8. Hahahahahah! At least you got some fínese and self control! Your saw girl probably looks better than mine. Better to just G00 in and out like a bank robbery than prove out the set up with this one. Lol!

  9. Lol, my saw girl is not good looking, she just has that shrink fit collet💚

  10. Ha! Mines like throwing a hot dog down a hall way. Hell, the hallway is prolly standard size and I’m the one tossing a Vienna. I guess I’m just easy to please, with low standards and terrible stamina. Like an old TREE Knee Mill that’s been crashed to many times, leaky, unreliable, but happy to be turned on.

  11. Well, I’ll take your word for it, but I’m gonna need to verify your claim and try it myself.

  12. I’d feel better if I could rest my face between your thighs, I have lots to tell you about my day, so I’ll be down there for a while.

  13. I looked at the Machinist’s holy handbook; it says 12 is the difference.

  14. I would certainly please the hell outta you. Long as you’d like me too.

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