1. for real? hold up. I am not see this right like it seems everyone else?

  2. Thank you. That's what I was trying to go for. The puff sleeves aren't really me but I thought maybe I'd try it to incorporate width. Although I think they look a bit out of balance.

  3. some things come down to a matter of individual taste too :) the guide book is only an insight to what harmonises with the physique - but not what harmonises with our personality? so some girls might say this look is flouncy, or you might not be puff sleeve girl - thats a matter of individual taste and I'm sure their are girls out there who have embraced the balloon sleeves with their whole hearts and that works for them! Be comfortable - thats the main thing

  4. 🔫 holster those shoulders bby!~!! because youre a baddie :P natural posture exudes strength/confidence so be proud

  5. tbh this plad pattern is very low contrast and from a distance could be seen as a singlar value :) you could add brown hues in the top but thats not entirely neccessary. you can choose any hue that harmonises with you as long as it settles at a similar value/level of contrast . for example - say you wanna go full pastel goth, you can use a rainbow of different hues in a similar value, blends into one and keeps verticle in check

  6. 1!! 100% if you are going to a cocktail wedding

  7. yeahh I just said bye bye to 555 loot boxes :'') oos feels like I have lost work weirdly haha

  8. personally I'd keep the collar tucked, this is a super cute ensemble! also maybe look into seasonal colour analysis if you're curious about personal palettes

  9. Good idea about the collar. This actually fits with my pallet i believe (soft summer).

  10. Yessss very christmas! String it up as an ornament (diamond style) so exciting.

  11. your smile says it all! great look ♥

  12. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I always loved horizontal stripes. Intuitively it was the right choice, because it seems to balance out my shorter upper body.🤗

  13. most definitely, a great intuition. I have always reached for vertical stripes because of the preconceptions, however now I realise (!!) the stripes I have chosen intuitively have been so small, low contrast and inconsequential, more block than pattern.

  14. this is poggers !! thank you for sharing

  15. I do see a difference, but in terms of how clothing interacts with your body it’s same no matter what camera you use. I feel like camera distortions can affect how you might feel about yourself but it doesn’t distort whether clothes look right on you. Idk if I’m making sense?

  16. I personally have not worn "jeans" much in well over 15 years. I have to have good range of motiion, and deep pockets, lightweight fabrics, travel and wash/drip dry friendly, and articulated knees if I'm going to be doing a lot of bending. My lifestye involves being outdoors, walking, and attending more causual type events. I also require SPF sun protection if i"m going to pay over $25 for pants.

  17. wanna share any favourite brands of yours?

  18. So question: would most of these not be SN lines? I’m learning so I’m just trying to see if I’m understanding. High waisted pants aren’t necessarily waist emphasis but some of these here, especially the belted pants and tucked v necks seem to accommodate curve for SN. Well, really all the SN boards look like this. Am I on the right track here?

  19. yeah I guess so, I think the idea is waist emphasis on a flamboyant natural throws off balance - taking 3/4 of overall sillhoutte. Sectioning the sillhoutte/vertical highlights/elongates the legs to a silly point - where soft naturals are balanced by this visual illusion creating a 2/3 or 1/2 sillhoutte.

  20. Depends on the FN - lots of us have comparatively long torsos!

  21. aha so many variables! thanks for clarifying youre totally right!

  22. hey this cut is adorable! just need to blow dry it with a round brush will be really chic! if you wash your hair twice a week, will take you 20mins or less with how much hair you have. you could also try pin curling, so many options. BUT saying that, this is a hairstyle that needs that extra attention. Not everyone can roll out of bed and it be amazing depends on hair texture. play with it :)

  23. fit 4. my eyes didnt even catch the colour difference, only until I read your note. if youre worried about breaking vertical you havent, the values of both orange are super similar! they are just different temperatures :) it looks seamless to me. Imagine if that skirt hadn't a bold black print, might be a very different story - perhaps some chunky black earrings could remedy this?

  24. oh and btw you are so GIVING on this sub, look forward to your posts : )

  25. I think it's because runway models (maybe not so much catalog models) are often chosen for having a powerful appearance/walk. They are very skinny, so narrow overall, but they often have wider shoulders which makes them FN.

  26. basically theyre walking coat hangers

  27. thanks for helping! Yes, I do have hip dips that I’m learning to love 😅

  28. yeah welcome to the club sis, I see myself in you?? we are very similar ♥

  29. This has been dragging on for quite a while now, I feel no one deserves the way OP has been treated. Satirical posts mocking her content and similar comments have already been posted numerous times now.

  30. There definitely is some unhinged nastiness here - made me want to quit kibbe all together. If this is all the post was really? Some girl reading into it the best way she personally could, and making certain justifications to best understand a system that is not text book. Glad I'm not the only one who feels icky about the mob mentality shown

  31. Hi I just went down the rabbit hole about how every type can have an hour glass figure and that kibbe yin/softness simply refers to shapes having a roundedness (as opposed to angularity) of features. Here are some examples of dramatics that you might find insightful (

  32. I don't see N personally, I have seen her live concert and she is super petite!

  33. I have more of a classic style so I’d pair with a white oversized button down linen shirt knotted at the waist. Kind of a Sophia Loren vibe

  34. 100% was thinking this also! linen would be superb

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