1. Bump. I was gonna buy the m4 for my dad but hearing about these quality issues has me concerned. Not sure if it's an echo chamber of people repeating what they hear or real world experiences. I'd like to know if the M3 are worthy or if I should jump ship and go Bose 700 or something!

  2. Its just more common for people to share their negative experience. I’ve had them for a while now and the only problems I’ve had have been minor connection bugs and phone calls hanging up but otherwise they are great.

  3. Bro church came out a month ago how you listen to it 300 times

  4. 4600 min of boldy james this year, Top 0,05% of listeners

  5. I just bought new one. i have same problem anyone has solution?

  6. Deeper, skinny suge, harold’s, lakers, education, practice

  7. I am so sick of these retarded posts. Here’s the best advice you can get : DONT GO. Syria is a war zone, people and very poor and opportunities for jobs don’t exist, you can get kidnapped or worse.

  8. Are the people who do this so dumb that they cant tell right feom left?

  9. Now do that with an electric chainsaw and show how much more dangerous they are.

  10. The fabric that stops the chainsaw is a warp knitted fabric made of dyneema yarn. It’s stronger than steel

  11. ”I don't even know what you woulda done / In the future other niggas playin' football with your son”

  12. I've always had a soft spot for Touch & Agree and Soft Places, the end of Furtive Movements

  13. The way they list all their regrets just sound so good on Touch and Agree. Thanks for the suggestion

  14. Red Dust, Stonefruit, Giraffe Hunts, and Remorseless always get me

  15. Yup Red dust did it, perfect song to cry to.

  16. If you need something for the gym go with in ears, like airpods pro or the sony wf xm4

  17. Maybe you are right. But electronics usually dont hold value aswell

  18. Role queue killed Overwatch, it just doesn’t make sense.

  19. Nice build. Do the feet fit on the new case?

  20. No, it’s weird. It pops up without me pressing anything. I have speakers next to the tv and maybe it’s getting activated by the sound?

  21. Mine goes off form dialogue in tv shows and moves and sometimes when I’m just talking. Happens often enough that it pisses me off

  22. Exact same issue yeah, apperantly gotta accept the conditions to then disable it.

  23. Boldy best rapper right now and easy top 5 of all time for me.

  24. Currently on a 3080 and won’t be upgrading anytime soon, I just can’t justify the crazy prices.

  25. Apple do the same shit also.

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