The Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Led to a Full-On GOP Meltdown

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MEGATHREAD - Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Raided by FBI

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  1. Maybe they should raid the Clintons.

  2. Corvette? Who said I drive a Corvette? Those are for déclassé effetes. But you make a good point: America has a SERIOUS gun control problem that is exacerbated by irresponsible yet somehow still-legal gun owners. I agree with President Trump, Peace Be Upon His Royal Head, that for Americans to be made safe from one another, we must take away their guns first and worry about due process later. I stand with Republicanism everywhere in saying, “Repeal the Second Amendment.” It serves no useful purpose.

  3. I'm old - I once didn't buy an Austin Healy for £30 because I didn't like the floor being made from planks of wood or the 6 volt battery. Went like the clappers though. (Pre MOT days)

  4. But the memories are priceless, aren’t they?

  5. Are there businesses there? I thought it was all farms, nascar, and Amish. /s

  6. Folks generally don't understand that Indianans differ dramatically from those in the real bibble belt in the south when it comes to their enjoying conservative pastimes like quitting school in sixth-grade, not brushing and flossing, drinking tobacco spit, sister breeding, and the like. Indianans are more modest, so they do all that stuff in the barn, not out by the road. Otherwise they're the same ignorant, superstitious, foul-breathed folks.

  7. I am stunned, STUNNED, I tell you, by the overwhelming diversity and inclusion illustrated by the skin tones of this group. For the record, Morris is my Rep, and he's got all the moral depth of a parking lot puddle. Pssst ... BOB ... how do you like those $.25 hot dogs at Brandy's these days? Folks, these are the troglodytes passing laws that are affecting the lives of you and your children. Vote 'em out.

  8. Love tuckers! My uncle houses #44 in his building so iv gotten to check her out a few times. What a crazy thing

  9. You and your uncle are very lucky people. Tuckers are still ahead of their time.

  10. Boy, there's a lot of diversity in that mix!

  11. Florida really isn't that crazy. There are a lot of people who live there, and then there are a lot of people who go there as a tourist and run wild. Any sufficiently concentrated group of people will have a decent pool of crazies, even if it is a small percentage of the population.

  12. Florida is the fruitcake of the Southeast, and not because of the tourists. That said, Key West is great, and South Miami is fun, too. As for the rest ... give it back to the Spaniards and let them sort it all out.

  13. I grew up in various towns across central Florida, and it was always pretty tame. Moving from there to rural PA at age 22, I noticed that the quality of people just... dropped significantly. These coal hicks are fucking stupid.

  14. I've spent a lot of time in Central PA and have to agree.

  15. If I may: Look beyond the current political environment and I am confident that you will find Indiana has much to offer, all of which tick the right boxes for many. Outdoor activities are plentiful; you are a quick drive to major metropolitan areas; easy transportation; taxes are low; and the cost of living is among the best to be found. I’m old enough now to recall when Indiana was solidly Democratic and less swayed by zealous religiosity, but that can be changed. It’s half the fun, in fact. Come to Indiana, get involved with local grassroots politics and make an impact. You’ll help make the world what you want it to be.

  16. Absolutely. Farmers and lower income people used to be democrats. Then Newt figured out how to trick people into voting against their own financial interests because of religious issues.

  17. Ironically, most every farmer I know these days works for corporate or institutional farm interest owned by large multi-national landowners. Farmers have had the wool pulled over their eyes for the last generation and they’re too mired in their own religious sentiment to acknowledge it.

  18. The vast majority of farmers do not work for corporations unless they themselves have decided to incorporate. Farmers are essentially small business people. Why vote for the party of taxes and environmental regulations? How would the democrats be in the interest economically of the average farmer? It’s cool that you think everyone who doesn’t agree with you is an idiot that’s typical for your sort but don’t spout off about things you don’t know about.

  19. “Vast majority?” Unless they fall in the category of well-heeled hobbyists, few farmers that I know can compete with global corporate interests at play in agriculture. Too, the notion that farming has become antithetical to proper environmental stewardship in an age of unprecedented climate change is ludicrous. Environmental regulation is needed for clean air and water, as we know. Those residing in the Northern Indiana lakes countryside understand just how very real and damaging unregulated agriculture run-off can be to our lakes, rivers, streams, and fish harvests. I’m hopeful that the family farm can make a responsible comeback someday but realize that the economics of ownership likely dictate otherwise.

  20. I’m going to vote, but I’m not operating under any illusion that it really matters.

  21. Then get active politically. There’s more to civic activism than just voting. Make your voice heard!

  22. We need to ensure the CCP collapses as fast as possible. Same way the USSR collapsed 31 years ago.

  23. Maybe your Left Wing bill sponsors should right a bill that seeks to provide abortion protections for rape and incest INSTEAD of pushing an all or nothing bill. But that would be common sense. The majority of the leftist Hoosiers want an all or nothing bill and hide behind this rhetoric as a blame as to why the republicans are pushing back.

  24. Truly I will believe that today’s Christians may legitimately call themselves “pro-life” when they begin marching to repeal the death penalty; advocating for fairer sentencing for non-violent offenders; taking solid steps toward provider more family-planning resources, not less; and then being more forceful and fearless advocates on behalf of the marginalized and underserved. WWJD, after all…

  25. These people are depraved, no wonder I see people leaving the party in droves.

  26. One can only hope that is true. The Republican Party is morally bankrupt.

  27. Gun control is straight out of the Nazi playbook

  28. The Nazis liberalized its gun laws from those previously in place under the Weimar Republic. This was in direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles but Hitler wanted an armed citizenry to enlarge his troop strength. Not that the armed citizenry did anything to preserve German political integrity or come to the aid of its marginalized citizens.

  29. They used gun control on Jews. Not saying it would have turned the tied of the war but they used it on good ppl to keep them helpless. Hitler is quoted as saying: The most foolish mistake we could possible make would be to allow the the subjugated races to possess arms… sure you know the rest, you’re so smart

  30. This was a part of their broader “de-humanization” strategy which also denied marginalized populations (Jews, gypsies, homosexuals) with a variety of other basic rights, including property ownership, unrestricted travel, marriage rights, and business ownership. Claiming gun control was at fault for the persecution of the Jews or that it prevented them from persecution in the Holocaust is ludicrous. One may as well blame rent control, the Chamber of Commerce, or the local Constable, each of which were licensed and responsible gun owners who failed to look after their own.

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