1. Now i look at people that’s only been playing for a couple of months have multiple legendary and some even heroics

  2. I've played for less than a month and... lvl22, heroic, 4 lvl 30s, 2 legendaries, hatchling encounter, and I'm completely f2p. I used to play before until I switched phone and my progress was gone. Now its so much easier to get dragons.

  3. Wait actually a good idea: 1 cost clock trick, Deal 2 damage to a plant, conjure a time bomb

  4. for me everyone was at lap 1 or 2 at the end i felt sad for them I reached lap 6 just like u btw :/

  5. I'm down. Do you got all the dice for amtw? If not that's fine

  6. I mean, they both have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet, and even 2 shoes!! They are similar in so many ways!!! OF COURSE GALE IS OLD FINN!!!!!

  7. Maybe Gale is hiding that long blonde hair under that hoodie

  8. catch as many twilats as you can. It's actually the best loomian in the game. Also, don't evolve it. When it's eveolv9ng, press the "cancel" button.

  9. It has a move called gnaw, which is only good if on a twilat. Also, it has to be at least level 30. That's what people do wrong. They evolve the twilat so that gnaw isn't good anymore. Also, RAT

  10. Doubt it since obsi runs robust/brawny. Btw welcome!

  11. Its a totemized personality so its not muta or any other roam, but imagine if roams were rallyable god

  12. Ok but OP is still wrong cuz Second Wind and Phoenix Flame cost 0 Energy

  13. On my first year of loomian legacy, I caught a cosmiore, knowing it was cool(and rare-ish). Recently. I looked at my cosmiore, and realised it was pure nimble. Now I need matterite stuff to make it attack form

  14. I did vesp cosmiore joltooth +lots of small meds and easily won

  15. For scopebo I probably wouldn't use the combo trait. You'll need several combo dice touching scopes and that means merging lots of combos into one place. With the trait you would lose too many combo counts to make it worth your while. I have a separate deck for the combo trait I'll update the guide with it soon.

  16. I just wanted to say I use cervolen to spare instead of geklow or eleguana

  17. I can't help much, I don't like scopebo myself, I prefer scope charge

  18. another tip is to not neglect coop, if you can field a support deck there is plenty people that will carry you far, and its a decent way to get dice (even if legendaries are rare still, you can level the others easy). standard for support is assassin, meta, joker, mimic and then either clone, summom or timewinder. clone and summon are weaker but easy to learn, tw can be tricky but its extremely strong. just make sure to wait for your partners signal to start using assassin, or they might get mad.

  19. If you're a lead bloon or a camo or a ddt, you'll be fine. If your a bloon, then die. If your a human, you're screwed

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