1. Oh wow look he turned out to be a homophobe who could have seen that coming. Lol

  2. Lol doubt you've been close enough to a woman to catch VD virgin.

  3. If you see a guy on the side of the road with this arm up a horse’s ass, that’s just an Amish mechanic.

  4. Oh no, soy milk, how awfully offensive. I need to go and buy an AR-15 to protect my fragile masculinity from that vicious attack

  5. No. You misunderstood me(isn’t surprising because you drink soy). You will want to ban guns because you are a fragile femme soy drinking estrogen enchanted sissy.

  6. Don’t say it! I’m a manly man! Can’t you see I have a gloc between the layers of my lard? I’m super manly! If you don’t stop, I’m telling on you to my mommy!

  7. The deep ignorance of reality that this sentence betrays is kind of impressive.

  8. Explain why he shut down the gas pipeline causing gas to skyrocket and shipping it overseas is arguably worse for the environment

  9. Because gas wasn’t high enough and Biden knows what’s best. Just let the master steer the ship to victory

  10. Lol I don’t give a fuck about your “point”. Learn to talk like an adult to be treated as one. Now brush your teeth and go to bed.

  11. I carry appendix so the barber is no biggie. The gym, I throw it in my bag and lock it in my locker.

  12. Nah I like to keep my CCW stock but I’m thinking about buying it for my range mags. Less reloading = more bang time 👍

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