For 134 years astronomers have been taking photos of the andromeda galaxy, but none have ever captured this newly discovered nebula hidden in plain sight right next to the galaxy!

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  1. Just make sure it doesn't fall back on you. On the other hand, if it kills you or makes you blind...

  2. Since when did Americans dying ever harm the political power of those responsible....?

  3. If more of your voters die than the voters of the other side, it will harm your future power.

  4. Yes, but be prepared to replace those every 11-13 months. On the plus side, they’re guaranteed for 12 months, just save your receipt…in a cool dry place..not in the glove box or you’ll have a nice blank piece of paper.

  5. What is the normal lifetime of a headlight bulb? I don't drive that much, but haven't changed one in 5 years. Nice to be able to reclaim the money, but with many cars it's so difficult to replace a light bulb that you cannot do it yourself.

  6. You can buy hardware, like a server from Dell or your local hardware store, install Pfsense SE on it and use it in your business without limitations.

  7. If you're looking for an excuse to buy a new motor, you just got it! 😉

  8. If it is an old-style CRT, please don't do this before checking if it's worth selling to retro game collectors! Good quality CRTs are hitting crack-pipe prices now too, so it's conceivable to actually make money off it.

  9. If this retro tv is worth enough money, why not trade it for a new one?

  10. Pour some water down the back holes! If no one else needs this tv and broken is what you need, water will do it.... or move the prongs around by the cable input or hdmi

  11. I think you swapped a leg with a tail during assembly. Also: head comes on top.

  12. I've seen something like this around 15 years ago, A1 Naarden to Hilversum, going 90 km/h. It was impressive.

  13. When I don't want to talk about something, or don't want to talk about it now, I go "meta" and say something like: can we discuss this another time? This way, you don't have to give an absolute "no". You're postponing, leaving the outcome open, while already suggesting what the outcome will be. It works for me.

  14. Facebook (or Meta) profited from Russian bots sabotaging the 2016 US elections and manipulating the UK into Brexit. Facebook is a Russian agent.

  15. Yeah, probably want to watch out for falling studio lamps aircraft parts.

  16. Last three weeks have been shit with too much rain. But you cannot compare it year by year. I remember 2012, when winter lasted until 11 april. That was a shit winter that started right now (15 january at 22 o'clock) with snow, with a weather alarm for the next weekend, with three more months of wind, rain and shit weather.

  17. Legally I can't tell if you're wrong or not, but pragmatically you're the idiot, and morally I would say that you are wrong here. You try to get your "right" and that is just stupid.

  18. This photo, it looks like they're stuck in crude oil. But I guess it's a long shuttertime?

  19. just save this one as a jpg like 3 or 4 times and you'll be there ;)

  20. Opening it in Photoshop, then saving it as JPEG, then opening the new JPEG in Photoshop again, then saving it as another JPEG - too much trouble. Just send it over Whatsapp.

  21. I've had a 2009 Macbook (unibody, lowest specs) that copied 1TB of data to an external HDD (not SSD) disk via USB2 faster than 100GB from my 2015 Macbook Pro Retina (also lowest specs) via USB3. I never could find an explanation. Downloading Libreoffice on that second MB, mounting the DMG, then copying the app (about 700MB) to from the internal SSD to the app folder could take ten minutes or more.

  22. He isn't the normal one. He's the first one. Blackie is 2, whitey is 3.

  23. It is really time for some Western long range missles to take out Moscows electricity.

  24. I don't think he'd agree to that. Maybe Wahlberg would do it.

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