Max getting (loudly) booed at Silverstone

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  1. Honestly, the only thing I don't understand about the booing is how you could go to a F1 race and not be elated to see all of the drivers? I would be cheering for everything including the safety car!

  2. The fact that you literally cannot do better than piastri has done but he can’t get into an F1 car should ring all the alarm bells for everyone

  3. He's going to be at Williams next year according to all the gossip, would be a massive shock if he isn't

  4. Dutch 11 year olds seem rather triggered by this

  5. I'm afraid Mercedes will get a win this season. They are always great in the race, and if they are good in qualifying now, nobody stands a chance.

  6. Afraid? Lewis getting at least a win isn't going to mean another era of dominance and boring racing, I wouldn't say that it would be bad for the sport if he can get at least another win.

  7. Kenny Pickett at 4? It is rather unwise to buy any rookie jerseys imo.

  8. I was hyped for Jerry Tillery and was going to get his shirt. I am...glad I didn't.

  9. Must be nice for Ferrari fans to get their shattering despair in early in the week

  10. For those not from the UK, it's important that you know that weather forecasts are extremely inaccurate. Because the UK is just off the Atlantic, we get weather changes constantly, and predicting anything any more than a couple of hours away is extremely tough.

  11. I'm going to Silverstone. I'm taking a jumper, a rain coat, and sunscreen.

  12. Ah, nice to see a North American enjoying Silverstone! Hope the weather is kind to you!

  13. Current projection from 538 is that he won't pitch vs the Orioles, but they have us as a 5-man rotation, which isn't accurate.

  14. Excellent, excellent news. Replacing Velazquez with Fletcher would mean similar defense with a substantially better bat.

  15. Presumably you aren't from the M62 corridor though. She's from the Rugby League heartlands and she's the minister in charge of sports.

  16. As a fellow M62 corridor-er this is fucking unfathomable. She's from Runcorn. Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington, Wigan, St Helens, this is the heartlands of Rugby League, how could you not know that was from a different sport.

  17. I mean, yes he's right, and the sport I would like Boris Johnson to start taking up is "fucking off".

  18. Because his defense STINKS and in the month of June through 13 games he has a .618 OPS at AAA level

  19. knock on wood... but I'm hoping Rengifo keeps up his improved hitting and rolls it into the post ASG stretch when I expect Fletch to return. That would give us more flexibility around the IF

  20. Honestly when Fletcher is healthy I’d hope we will drop Velazquez for him and keep rolling with Rengifo. He’s a roughly average middle infielder defensively but his bat is decent and he has HR power.

  21. by "drop" do you mean release him or send him down? I dunno about dropping Velasquez completely, but I was thinking it'd be nice to have the option of moving him to the bench / backup SS/2B role instead of having him as our everyday SS.

  22. nah just a bench piece, coming in when Rengifo or Fletch need a rest

  23. Hard to say. Judge playing well in CF and if the Yankees finish 1st with 110+ wins... lot of narrative there.

  24. Just to come back on this, Judge - statistically - is an almost exactly league average outfielder. Playing Judge vs avg would save you two runs over the course of 150 games per Baseball Reference.

  25. The weather at the series in the Bronx last year was hotter than the devil's asscrack. It was 95 and humid in the shade. Everyone was getting lit up. I went to the game where ohtani hit two out. Taillon and Heaney got shelled that game

  26. Remember Bundy puking all over the mound from heat stroke?

  27. It’s either their fault or a racing incident. You were alongside but I’m not sure you were significantly alongside. It’s close, would be at most a 5s penalty for them.

  28. I don't think I've seen Ohtani look that annoyed at another person before. I've seen him angry and frustrated with himself but this is new. Understandable, his pitch count was high but he's been completely locked in his past 3 starts. Just let him get the final out, he knew he had it.

  29. Taking him out was 100% the right call, in fact I'd have taken him out a batter earlier, he was absolutely gassed and losing command.

  30. If you look strong and project that you aren’t to be fucked with they leave you alone. I make a point to never cross a road or anything to get out of their way. They move out of the way for me.

  31. He tweaked something in there during his second last AB. Was constantly wincing and clutching at his back for the rest of the AB and his final AB.

  32. I thought he hit his back with his bat on a follow-through, not a tweak?

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