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  1. Sorry, my large tentacle monster friend is a bad with words. He means to say he's going to fuck you for asking.

  2. Welcome to the club. You hear and read about all these cool mfers but not one model for them. The models we DO get are old as hell, so that's equally sad.

  3. The concept of a bombshell babe just running up in some rich bastards house and retaking priceless artifacts of cultural importance and bringing them back to their rightful owners is something I can absolutely get on board.

  4. Please tell me that's a Ferret. Please for the love it God tell me that's just some giant ass Ferret they grabbed out the woods and made a Chaos lord.

  5. Keeping up that Blood Angels tradition of using melta pistols and luscious locks.

  6. Fuck everyone who gives a shit about yamato's gender, just read the fucking story

  7. Oden isn't a gender. Her wanting to be him is cool and all but I really don't wanna see her just walk in his shadow.

  8. He identifies himself as kaido son and goes into men's onsen... I mean, this isn't about wanting to be oden, it is just the charcter identifiying himself.

  9. There's a difference with identifying yourself as another gender and just straight up identity theft. I want Yamato to be Yamato, not Oden.

  10. it reminds me to a story were an orc took a stormcast helmet and then killed him, and just waited around expecting the stormcast to return for his helmet so they can fight again.

  11. Damn, that's kinda wholesome. He's just waiting for the homie.

  12. No, the implication is that he's a religious doctor. Regardless of his personal beliefs, he's still a trained professional or do we just segregate people based on what they believe in now?

  13. Considering doctors are now legally allowed to refuse services based on their religious beliefs absolutely.

  14. And you just assume a doctor will refuse you service? Just off a painting he has hung up in his office? I mean, if he's an asshole the word would spread pretty fast, you wouldn't even have to go there to know what they're about.

  15. Let the old man go shiv people, he's trying to enjoy himself

  16. Ah yes, the creepy uncle that's always at the family gatherings. Who's that behind Corax though?

  17. True but think about it. Every other pirate has this big goal they’re hoping to achieve and it’s impossible to achieve by themselves cuz of all the other people trying to achieve that same goal. Mihawk has done what he wanted to do in life (at least it seems) and he’s just kinda strolling around the world bored af with no idea what to do with himself. He’s the worlds strongest swordsman so it’s not like he’d run into many issues by himself. Especially since he’s not a devil fruit user. A decent amount of their problems are sea related.

  18. When you think about it like that, it's not so bad him joining Buggy. Maybe he just wants to have the experience, see what it's like?

  19. Or maybe he just wants to be directed somewhere. They’re doing bounties on marines now and he’s no longer on the marines side so maybe he’s just a part of whichever group is in charge of bounties that will reward him rather than bother him.

  20. Mihawk living like a maxed out player character

  21. Gonna git right in thar and shiv 'im. Git em right between tha ribs.

  22. IKR? Can't stop at two, more than likely the whole hive is infected, gotta get em out too

  23. Being intimating =/= being strong, for example king is one of the most intimidating characters

  24. How did you manage to spell the word wrong the first time but right the second time?

  25. The moment I saw Buggy and Coby I knew I had to see them get stronger and style on these hoes

  26. I was thinking more along the lines of a blunt spoon.

  27. I'd like some of the copium you're on, gonna need it for when they reveal the Sallies stuff.

  28. Then they get a long rope tied around them and dipped in deep water to find forgotten relics.

  29. To be fair, I don't think anyone expected Law to be around as long as he was.

  30. Me neither, it seems like he's been around forever

  31. If some banter and memes on the internet is making you feel unwelcome, I have to wonder if you were really invested in the chapter to begin with. Really gonna quit playing your favorite army over memes? If everyone was like that, 40k would be a dead hobby. If you want the helmets, use them and ignore the things people are saying.

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