1. Hell I haven't even had a working phone for weeks due to a slip and fall on the ice so I have been trying to earn money to get one maybe he has too

  2. Lmao no. He has his phone. Even if he accidentally tossed it off of a building, he makes more than enough at his job for a new one. And he always has his phone on him. Ever since our talk a couple of weeks ago where he said he needed to pull back because he was “in his head” about something that happened between us, I’ve inwardly given him until the new year. The new year has come and gone without a word from him. I really love this person. Really really love him. But I have needs too. My heart is screaming and kicking at the thought, but it may be time to close this door for good. I just don’t know how.

  3. Not entirely true, I do want to share with him. But sometimes I have reached out due to anxiety

  4. that’s true .. rn i think i just want to reach out to mines due to anxiety so that’s why i said that .. sorry i realized that i have times where i really do want to share with him but sometimes i do to anxiety

  5. There’s a limit to this though. I don’t need to talk to someone every moment of every day. But complete radio silence doesn’t work for me, either.

  6. I thought this was a hack or a dev, but then it happened to me. Just a bug I guess

  7. The other commenters are saying to let him figure it out on his own, but in my personal experience.. when my TF reached out to me for help I offered him my unconditional love and helped him. The ego wants to stay strong and let him be on his own, my soul loves him no matter what and wants to be there for him. My helping him did bring us back together. Keep your expectations low and just offer unconditional love and kindness. You are his person and he needs you.

  8. Ugh I’m going through the same thing. Although I don’t know what we are. Friends? More? Who the fuck knows. I want to burn it all down and tell him never to speak to me again, but I know I will regret it if I am reading him wrong and this is just a process. I want to talk to him but I feel like if he wanted more from our relationship, he’d initiate that. I just want him to show that he wants this as badly as I do…and I’d move the world for him.

  9. If you didn't realize for some years that the messages constituted sexual harassment, how would your twin have known?

  10. Yeah I’m female and I’m trying to figure this out. If you two were a couple at the time, I could certainly see being pissed that he didn’t tell the other dude to cut it out. If he was being disrespectful, then yeah he should have been a better man and told his “friend” to knock it off. But just because he didn’t, doesn’t mean he’s not worth loving. Many men are just learning what it means to be an ally to women. Many are just learning that they need to stand up to their bros when they exhibit sexist or toxic behaviors. I think relations between the genders would be better if we were able to have a little grace with each other.

  11. No one is perfect, including you. Maybe you should try and see her as a whole person, rather than placing her on a pedestal.

  12. I am so happy that your person came around. I hope that someone I love does the same for me someday.

  13. Just saw your profile and you’re really hot. Forget about her King, you will find a woman that appreciates you.

  14. I want to look cute for someone in particular but am too shy to send them selfies directly.

  15. Fraudulent list, baibars is the best general in the game

  16. Check the caption in the first picture 👍👍

  17. You need 6 baibars. One for every march. Better start making some room.

  18. Bourbon is the mounted pvp set. Rurik for monsters

  19. It sounds like your ready to explore something with this girl. If you feel ready, seal the deal. If you wait too long she could find someone else

  20. I was in love with someone else but it was a situation ship. In fact I used to complain about her to him, lol. One day things snapped and the situation reversed. I don’t even talk to that girl anymore.

  21. I’d like complain and shout a lot when I got angry and just say hurtful shit I didn’t mean

  22. Yeah we all get angry but have to learn to manage that by journaling, venting to a friend etc. instead of engaging with the person. I’m sorry, it sounds like you need to give her some time

  23. I didn’t share my feelings and I was quite explosive when it came to talking about anything. I just should’ve been better to her

  24. Do they get to fuck each other platonically? If so sure, they can remain “platonic friends” 🤣🤣

  25. Upvoted. It could be a misunderstanding and if OP likes this woman, should have a straightforward conversation with her

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