1. What about supporting the Blacks because you refuse to be on the side of organized religion?

  2. You realise they are supposed to be monarchs not college students right ?

  3. What part of he's the sworn shield of the QUEEN don't you understand? Viserys has the other Kingsguard to protect him, Alicent has Criston and he did not disobey the King at all, he rejected Alicent's order to take out the kid's eye, that's why she yelled at him you are sworn to me but he ignored her so she tried doing it herself. He follows her to stop her but dumbass Daemon blocked his way, Westerling only stops Criston to prevent a fight between Daemon and Criston but the actual problem here is Daemon for not letting Criston do his job, then Rhaenyra got fucking cut, great job Daemon.

  4. You need to re-watch my friend. That was not at all what was happening. I don’t wanna spell out everything for you but Daemon knew Rhaenyra needed that moment. It was proof Allison is the crazy bitch.

  5. You need reading comprehension then because that's literally what I'm saying, Daemon wanted the fight to happen, Criston didn't, that's why he stops him.

  6. Uhhh yeah I know. I said it’s not Daemons fault she got cut and she doesn’t care. Getting cut helped further the goal that Allicent is crae crae.

  7. In fairness to this one. It looked like a good match up on paper at the start of the year. And unlike last week's Broncos/49ers low scoring affair, I feel like this is more due to good defense rather than bad offense. lol.

  8. Nah this never looked like a good match up. I actually like this match up better without Lance.

  9. Division rivalry rematch of the NFC championship game? How is that bad?

  10. Thought I made it clear. Didn’t think Trey Lance could’ve beaten this team.

  11. I mean c’mon. Yes Herbert was a stud that’s a fact. But it HAS to be acknowledged he had Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Ekeler, and Hunter Henry. That is an elite core of weapons. Give Fields that and he definitely looks better.

  12. Bryan Bulaga on the O-Line as well. At least for some games.

  13. I play whatever I find in the woods and or out of bounds areas. Free balls = best balls

  14. I am the exact same except I have to give a slight exception.

  15. Oh also loved that scene between Rhaenys and Corlys. She sees right though his posturing that getting their children married to the throne is vindication for her being passed over for the throne simply for being a woman, when really it's his own ambition. And then Corlys' resistance to leave Driftmark to Laena's daughters shows he is exactly the same. Real complexity to these characters.

  16. Yes! That scene was wonderful. My favorite part was that I could totally see it from both sides. She’s just done with the politics and wants to be happy. She’s also clearly mourning and taking it out a little bit on Corlys.

  17. Yea it's a nice test for people to do with themselves.

  18. When you start referencing Daenerys and late season GOT to prove your point you really lost me. Fookin Kneeler.

  19. To everyone saying he picked up a rock in self defense… he’s a preteen, arguing with a little girl. Proceeds to hit her and her slightly bigger sister in the face prompting the boys to jump in.

  20. Bro he also said and I fucking quote “she’s dead” in reference to the girls mom who’s funeral was that fucking day! I’m dead hahahaha

  21. The fit he had on under it looked amazing though. Pirate Daemon is something I wanna see.

  22. Would rather look like shit now than during the playoffs. They will figure it out

  23. I just don’t want to say this all season. I mean we look bad.

  24. Mahomes needs to chill out pulling kelces jersey because of one mistake. This man was making all pros before mahomes got there. He needs to be respectful when talking to him.

  25. They are great friends and Mahomes is a leader on the team. I’m sure Kelce doesn’t care one bit.

  26. MLF has been so underwhelming this season

  27. *a lot of the time but we gloss over it cause we’ve won and I know that’s crazy to say but I’m super low on him and always have been. Bring the downvotes.

  28. Halftime analysts saying New England is mucking up the game. I disagree. I think we are giving it away.

  29. Refs bet Buccs last week and looks like they bet Pats this week. That was on the worst missed delays I’ve seen.

  30. Absolute a terrible call there but be fuckin for real if you think the refs are biased towards patriots today

  31. Pierce has a great matchup I think hes gonna put up good numbers against the Chargers.

  32. As much as I love Lambeau, our home crowds can be…less than ideal.

  33. I fully agree with this. I was at the Manchester City Bayern match this summer and it was louder than any Packer game I’ve attended. I assumed it was mostly because the crowd was much younger.

  34. There’s comments in here literally going “he shouldn’t complain about losing because he chose to go there.”

  35. Uhhhh what the fuck that’s exactly what we should be saying to him. We offered him the same money and he chose to leave to play with his friend and enjoy no income tax. I totally understand that but then you have no fucking right to bitch about losing went you went to a losing football team.

  36. Have you weirdoes just never played sports? Why in the world would you expect a professional athlete to not care about losing, regardless of the circumstance? Do you hear people complain about a new job and yell “TOO FUCKING BAD YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE”?

  37. Uhhhh yeah I totally would say that to my friend hahahaha

  38. I needed 4 more passing yards for a big parlay. Fuck Golladay for dropping the god damn ball. Ugh

  39. I know this is a massively late comment but the actually were given extra time because MLF and the Packers were complaining about the lack of a delay of game call on the TD. They didn’t start the time then and the Buccs should’ve already had their call in.

  40. theyre talking about Laena so much in the recap and all this shit like “she would go out like a warrior” and “shes a dragonrider this is her character” and i’m sitting here like huh? Would she? She was in like two scenes in the show before dying, we barely met her, i didnt give two shits when she died. I wish they would at least have went into how she ended up on the largest dragon in the world

  41. Yeah I keep seeing comments about people being sad about her death. How?! Didn’t know her, didn’t know her dragon. She was merely a plot device. A boring but hot plot device.

  42. This episode was the weakest by far to me. I honestly would’ve watched the whole season without the skip. I was enjoying all of it.

  43. I believe they also cut out the entirety of Laena claiming Vhagar in episode 2 which makes it confusing because in episode 1 or 2 Viserys says that Vhagar had been missing for many years, then it just shows up under Laena this episode.

  44. Yeah I understood it but I only because I spend time on this sub. I would’ve been very confused if not. We needed that

  45. FUCK CHICAGO WEDNESDAY!!!! I can’t wait! Everyone is invited over to eat fondu and watch! Don’t forget to comment on the episode thread too!!!! I want all the theories!

  46. GB's defense has gotten a lot better, in unrelated news, here's a list of all the marquis players out for Tampa

  47. We did a good job but this can’t be overlooked. We’ve looked good against the Bears and dead Buccs.

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