1. I think it didn’t go through, I don’t see anything on my end!

  2. Selling my Focal Clear MG Pro's in excellent condition. Was used with a headband protector the entire time. No scuffs/scratches, major wear, etc. Comes with another set of pads that have not been touched. Also included is an Audio Ninja cable. I have the box and all original accessories. I also have brand new knit headband protector unused which I will include. Looking for $950 $900 $875 shipped. Will make a deal if you pay F&F/venmo/zelle.

  3. Which headband protectors did you use for them if you don’t mind me asking!

  4. According to setlist fm his set usually starts around 9-9:10

  5. Quick question about that Cubano - do they press them or is it served up on a soft roll? I've been searching for a new Cuban sandwich addiction after "Back to Cuba" closed up shop. Really trying to find a real good pressed crunchy cubano.

  6. I know there are crazy delays getting things pressed. Which is probably the reason, but why would you ship a Christmas record on January 3rd?

  7. These are from their merch table at the Brooklyn residency shows that just got cancelled. That and it looks like DFA is taking a little holiday break according to the website

  8. I got to 25 and I'm done. It's out of control how bad this event is. The fact that the ranking resets after 3 losses is not cool. I'd either win a few all at once or lose 6 or 7 in a row.

  9. This is exactly what I did, anybody using Wheeler it’s almost guaranteed they’d throw an inside sinker on me so I’d sit on that. Nolan Ryan also carried me through most of my wins

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