1. have you ever looked at your parts, tho? I mean... I don't think they look like that, without ever having seen yours in particula

  2. I may have simplified the geometry and exaggerated the materials just to make it look gross. :p

  3. Fun fact, fire fighters are often times police officers. Yep, cops often put on the fire fighter gear and put out your fires, too.

  4. The real question is why the T-800s that serve as basic infantry don't have guns mounted on them. Wouldn't that be more efficient than carrying around the weapons?

  5. Because then they would not appear human. Although skynet is a machine, it’s still built by humans. It’s core programming tries to emulate humanity. In some of the more diverse lore, Skynet doesn’t even want to kill the humans, it just does because it was ordered to do it.

  6. Some of the fan-fictiony comics and such out there go off the rails with their lore.

  7. Bees are an invasive species in North America. You know that, right?

  8. Sarah Connor Chronicles showed Chromarty speaking without his skin, to ask a scientist if he could make him have new skin. He needed but a voice sample from the person who's identity he copied to have a normal sounding voice.

  9. I've never seen the Sarah Connor Chronicles- do you have a clip of this scene?

  10. I can count the voxels with the naked eye. increase the resolution.

  11. I tried but then it looked like shit. Could barely see them, even with increased density.

  12. why edge split and seperate by loose parts? doesn't that give you a gazillion individual quads that make up the surface of the planet?

  13. make a monkey head, make an a empty volume, add a mesh to volume modifier and select the monkey head (then hide the mesh monkey). boom. monkey-head-volume.

  14. These methods still use voxels to render it, it just takes out the steps of manually adding the geometry. :p

  15. Both. Make it an open world action game, maybe with RPG elements maybe not. But allow you to play through it with two or thee or four different story lines. One as either John Connor or a soldier or something, one as a T-800, one as a T-800 that has been re-programmed, one as a T-1000, and maybe one as the T-1000 that has gone rogue with other fellow T-1000s.

  16. sounds like an odd technique. why not just make one large cube and adjust the density into a sphere in shader?

  17. This sounds like you're trying to make an Eevee render that takes longer than Cycles. Or just break Eevee entirely. 😁

  18. One of those can emulate all the other ones, yet you still have many listed there lol

  19. Switch emulation is still slow on the Steam Deck, and PSVita emulation is still in its infancy.

  20. Because then John would die and we wouldn't have a good movie.

  21. No there is nano tech but I've heard also that ionised gallium is in his composition aswell.

  22. Gallium is an interesting metal. Very sticky when a liquid, and not very strong when solid. It makes it slightly more plausible for the sci-fi character, but still not fully realistic, which is ok.

  23. Which steam deck did you get? I personally got the 512gb because I didn’t want to miss out on the exclusive items with it

  24. No joke. I love my switch and play it a lot, but I increasingly find myself going back to my DS Lite or GBA SP if I'm actually going to be playing outside the house. Snapping the clamshell shut and shoving it in a pocket sure is a hell of a lot easier to do quickly than putting a Switch back into a case and stowing it in a bag.

  25. I can fit my Switch in my pockets, which helps the portability of that thing.

  26. if nintendo was going to do a "switch" xl, it's screen size should be a big as the steam deck's screen size.

  27. Steam Deck still looks too big. It’s a portable that is terrible outside the house. Give me a DS any day.

  28. It's like a mini laptop. Carry it around in a case, maybe thrown in a backpack or something.

  29. Pretty decent. Battery life is 2 hours if you play hardware pushing games, but being that it's a PC, you could play games that go back to the 90's or even earlier, which will save on battery life.

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