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  1. It’s just a glorified word that fuccbois/ fuccgirls use to have a “reason” to sleep around while being in a relationship. They desperately try to place themselves on the same page as the lgtbq or vegan communities who represent societal topics that should be accepted.

  2. Completely setting aside combat ability, quirk matchups, etc, I can't see Stain actually targeting Eraserhead in the first place. We all know that, despite his best attempts to look like a hardass, Eraser is the first person to put himself in danger to save someone else. He's one of the few heroes that unequivocally falls into Stain's "worthy" category.

  3. While this may be theoretically true, I don’t think Stain goes out of his way to know the values of every hero. I mean Ingenium oniisan was described by Iida as someone who also exemplified the genuine traits of a selfless hero.

  4. Honestly I never enjoyed PvP in any gacha since it's just whales flexing their dicks

  5. That sounds totally rad! I like how you’ve even thought up being a vigilante rather than a hero!

  6. Finger guns, the ability to shoot pressurized air from the tips of my fingers, can be shot as individual bullets or continuous streams which can be used to propel myself into the air slice things in two.

  7. Oh so you can almost have an invisible blade. Will your toes be able to do the same?

  8. Emotion is a powerful thing. Logic flies out the fucking window and the singular purpose of every single cell in your body becomes saving the one you love. Glad they’re both well, may it never happen again and may that daughter appreciate her father forever.

  9. I read this in Matt Damon’s voice when he was talking about death and children in Interstellar

  10. I’d combine ishida mitsunari from sengoku basara, and ichigo from bleach. Super speed and teleportation on offensive katana moves. The sword is engulfed in a purple aura not just for aesthetics, but to give it energy and also prevent it from breaking. In berserk mode the aura becomes red and black hehe.

  11. At this point I hate the sight of CLAMS fucking CLAMS i hate them

  12. They only showed him surrounded by flames. But we never saw any ashes after. Maybe he will return in s6 😄

  13. They only showed him surrounded by flames. But we never saw any ashes after. Maybe he will return in s6 😄

  14. Gaslighting at its finest. There’s nothing wrong with what you are feeling. You have the right to feel that way and to have boundaries, and she is undermining them.

  15. It gets worse (sadder). Modern day Victory Gundam from a body count pov. But the ending is arguably worse than Victory. And if you find Julietta annoying, then the show will leave you with a very very bitter taste in your mouth.

  16. Oh I've come to expect death and immenint loss after a small victory, after all their slogan now is "move foward and those who die, let their deaths not be in vain" but why they gotta kill love prospects that just got interesting plot potential with Lafter...I mean atleast kidnapp her or put her on life support

  17. You might have to be a bit more flexible with your sentiments on the statement “Let their deaths not be in vain” 😅

  18. During a financial croisis, Shelby company limited has to find other sources of cash income

  19. He never said that verbatim. 100% sure. Probably another dumb IG pic. He did talk about flipping a coin at the end of s1, but never in the exact manner that you ask.

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