1. AG biotech is a pretty tough program… as a former grad. I would overall recommend the major however.

  2. I’m not afraid, I knew it would be hard. What would you recommend, in terms of securing success? Tutoring opportunities, office hours, a good study schedule, what would you say helps? If you want to message me feel free, I’d love a very detailed answer. I have a pretty good idea how I want to go about it but I lack the on the ground view and experience with it

  3. great mindset! Sounds like with your plan, you’ll be fine with MA109 and CHE105 at the same time. I wasn’t aware of the prerequisite, but you should be fine because the math required in CHE105 isn’t too bad once you’re comfortable with a calculator (they require a certain type) and you know how to use the math on a test.

  4. I’m just hoping the university is fine with it, I really don’t wanna be playing catch up off the draw. The Gi bull only pays for a certain amount of months

  5. I feel like Colorado hates Nebraska more than Nebraska hates Colorado.

  6. It was a beautiful time, the raw carnage fueled some of the most electric football I remember.

  7. I honestly feel like going to UA is more for the resume flex than for the quality education. The professors in my specific program are not involved at all. They honestly don’t even have a say in how our courses are put together, they’re just the ones responsible for grading our work. Feedback on work is basically nonexistent besides an occasional “good job”, but I’ve had professors who literally copy and paste feedback, so I would get feedback that had nothing to do with me. Don’t get me wrong, the easy A’s are nice, but I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything new and I’m halfway through grad school. I also had to take a class in my first semester here that I took as a sophomore at UAB… Same textbook and same exact assignments. I feel dumbed down.

  8. I see, UA is not my only choice. In fact, I’m looking to gear my degree more towards agriculture. I’m also looking at Kentuckys Ag Biotech degree and Mississippi States Microbiology degree, at least for SEC schools. UA just happened to have an mbio degree that didn’t outright require me to take medically geared courses and offered a few interesting classes like mycology, which is what I’m ultimately interested in.

  9. If you're interested in agriculture, go to MSU. They are for agriculture what UA is for law, history, chemistry, nursing, and whatever other programs we have that are considered "resume flexes" as the user above said.

  10. I find myself always looking at MSU. Just a lot of options on the table and it’s hard to make the right one.

  11. I’ve hated Texas all my life, I grew up 45 minutes from college station. All my life I’ve wanted to go to Texas A&M, and still have a wide window to do so once I’m free of the army. However, imagine if you will, Texas and Texas A&M in the playoffs or even in the natty. A resurgent rivalry soaked in vitriol, then and only then does Texas have my permission to die.

  12. How do you study? Like do you just read the bulk of what’s assigned or do you make a study plan and break it down? Don’t compare yourself to others, that’s easily one of the worst things you can do. Absolutely destroys your confidence and it’s a sink hole, do you attend tutoring?

  13. For the concepts that require pure memorization (ex. Knowing the formula of certain graphs in calculus): I write it down as many times I can until I don’t have to look at my notes

  14. Also, teaching others helps, get a study group together. Bounce concepts and things off of each other, you understand something when you can teach it.

  15. Good rule of thumb, in classes you know are gonna be tough, get a tutor day 1. It helps so you’re not caught playing catch up and instead can be ahead of the curve. Speaking of being preemptive, read your book before class, see what you’re learning before you come to class. College becomes easier when you can sit yourself down and get yourself ahead, I realize it’s a bit late right now, but in the future, getting ahead allows you to not stress

  16. I’m also from Houston Texas!! I absolutely love MSU. State is the place for ag/plant sciences. I have taken ag classes as well as microbiology and have honestly loved all. Microbio was one of my favorite labs. I know someone already said this but definitely take a tour of campus!! I fell in love with the amount of trees and just obvious beauty. every single person on campus is so kind hearted and it truly is so family oriented. If you want more information please please reach out to me! I love state and it really seems like you would too.

  17. I plan to visit sometime this summer, I live pretty close to the Alabama border in Florida. I honestly like what I see at State, we’ll see this summer if I get in. What’s Starkville like, I went to Texas Tech for awhile. While supposedly in the middle of nowhere, it was still a city of 250,000. Do you find yourself bored at Starkville, what is there for activity?

  18. Egg bowls are always great but our football seasons are always emotional roller coasters

  19. I was at Texas tech prior, having Patrick Mahomes as your QB and still only winning 5 games a season has done enough for a lifetime.

  20. Completely unbiased, I think this is the answer. So much bad blood, haven't played each other since 2011, the whole welcome to the SEC factor. Too many good storylines.

  21. I hate Texas, have hated them for as long as I can remember. Grew up 45 minutes from College Station and still haves hopes of one day attending Texas A&M after the army/out of state bachelors gets accomplished. However, it would be just delicious for A&M to drop the first game back against Texas, the rivalry would hit a fever pitch.

  22. I hate you so much for that comment.

  23. What I say may sound like heresy, but it would just absolutely ignite Texas. Just like the old days, I remember it was the greatest game on TV growing up.

  24. I don’t have a team yet but once admissions gets worked out and my collegiate search finally settles, I’ll have a team for the first time in 4 years. I hope Mississippi State can get it together, they had flashes of brilliance last year, but also some seriously concerning moments.

  25. One of the best things I learned from a high school teacher was out on the football field in O-line drills. They said we should practice our 3 point stance by trying to take craps on the toilet without our butts touching the seat. Ever since that day, I've been able to take poops in literally any "restroom" regardless of cleanliness or temperature of the seat.

  26. You don’t have to put spoiler, I’m sure we could guess what will happen to sylvanas

  27. Hi fellow texan! I am also queer and dipped here with VA money. It's definitely scenic here, although very different from a city. Definitely a place you can chill, and take it easy. Everyone here is pretty friendly though from what I've seen, and I haven't had many issues making friends.

  28. WSU has a pretty high acceptance rate, as long as you put a bit of effort into your essays you should be good

  29. I majored in plant sciences and I loved the major. It’s a very small major so the classes are small and you start to see/get to know the same people. The professors are good and the classes are really interesting. The list of electives was long when I was there 5 years ago, so you can definitely tailor your experience towards your interests. I actually interned in a mycology lab for two semesters and it was pretty cool and I learned a lot, even though mycology wasn’t really what I was interested in! I also was a part of the plant sciences club, which was small but fun. We took care of plants in the greenhouse on top of the 6th street garage as well as in the community garden, and sold plants at the farmers’ market on campus.

  30. Good to hear, Arizona is definitely one of the more popping places I have on my list. Pretty much everywhere else is in the Midwest and is a small college town, nothing wrong with it but I do like cities and the plethora of things they have. Hopefully I get the nod and will be on campus in fall of 23.

  31. Have you ever been on a quarter system, and with that in mind would you be full or part time?

  32. Okay, I sincerely encourage you to consider the fact that OSU requires the same amount of min credits in 10 weeks (quarter) that semester based universities expect in 15-20 weeks.

  33. Alright, hope this thread hasn’t died because I have my own question and don’t wanna make another post so soon. So, assuming I don’t get pulled into WW3, hi, I’m in the army, it’s my last active year so far. I’m a medic and I have a 2.0 gpa because I was a dumb kid at college once before. I know government money is the golden goose of the university world and I’m feeling a little cocky after getting into some universities I thought for sure would dump me, but let’s deflate my ego to realistic proportions, what’re my chances?

  34. Redbull and thinking of having more redbull, before and after the run respectively.

  35. I would just call the admissions office. They will give you all the info you need

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