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  1. Who’s idea is it to assume the loan and what type of loan plays a part. I just sold a large multi family I had in Florida that had an interest only mortgage that I was locked into, so as the seller I agreed to pay the assumption fee. It was also 5k. But I would agree with there is no straight answer on this

  2. Came back home from a party with my friend and we were both drinking heavy, he wanted to drive home but I told him he better sleep it off (being the nice guy that I am) so I let him stay on the couch in my basement. I woke up the next morning and went downstairs to my basement..which to my surprise had 6” of water in it…apparently he was so drunk he threw up in my sink and tried to wash it down but as he was trying to wash it down he wondered back to the couch and passed out….meanwhile the clogged sink was running all night… my basement was flooded, furniture ruined and my entire house smelt of vomit. He was gone by the time I went down stairs in the morning and left my house a disaster..didn’t apologize or even mention it…we are no longer friends.

  3. 80/20 Pareto principal. What is special about the 20% ? Why do you think they are glad?

  4. Sounds very cheap, but I would get an independent engineer, I wouldn’t ask a foundation contractor chances are they will try to make money off you unless you have a good relationship with someone you trust

  5. LLC with an operating agreement which has all the details/terms, this way it’s all agreed on and no fighting later on if the property doesn’t do so well or does and extremely well and people get greedy

  6. Welcome to property management it’s 24/7. Tenants make a big difference, some people will treat everything like it’s the end of the world others you may not hear from for years

  7. Absolutely worth putting in separate LLC’s for liability purposes only one asset at risk in a lawsuit rather than all of them. I have over 200 doors each building is separate but ultimately flows to a trust but putting together a trust is a whole other conversation and will cost a large amount of money if done correctly

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