1. If you told me this a couple days ago, I would have wholeheartedly agreed.

  2. Getting past a monster you're clearly not ready for isn't a good thing it just means future fights are gonna kick your ass even more

  3. Yeah I don't think this deserves downvotes, hammer is probably the worst weapon in the game purely by comparison; it's good but like, every other weapon is better

  4. They can world war Z and clamber on top of each other to reach you

  5. I think y'all are forgetting gamefreak have said no more Pokemon for a while it's going to be scarlet violet dlc and and maybe a remake by not gamefreak

  6. Which is why even niantic advised to finish and claim that before the tour started :( sorry for your loss

  7. I have 450 items and can't spin pokestops for research lol

  8. Dropping 5-10 berries or pokeballs won't ruin your game.

  9. Looks like the blended sphere shape result is a combined geometry shape with a bridge between some edges (as seen in wireframe mode). Then you are trying to bool the curved geo with it, which has surfaces with non-determinant surfaces.

  10. they aight when they’re fresh but they aint a michelin star meal obviously

  11. Yeah but like they taste worse then ready salted crisps why do they exist

  12. Use the edge loop tool or the multi cut tool or "add divisions" to add some horizontal edge loops. Then select these edge loops and scale then, so they will form a concave form.

  13. This is what I tried but it didn't look very good, I ended up using boleans with the inner faces of a torus, looked better and sorting out topology shows project solving for the project anyway

  14. Damn, 2013 had some good releases and Warframe

  15. I too love the weapon class prowler from the hit game monster hunter generations

  16. I love this but how would it close it's jaw without chopping off its legs

  17. Bro don't EVER say that shit again pedophilia is very serious and you can't throw around a term like that I know multiple men that were victims of pedophilia

  18. Bro what the fuck are you on about when did I say men can't be victims of it and this is literally a case of pedophilia

  19. Were you nearby the general area around Hateno before you quick traveled to the shrine? Could have accidentally overloaded the menu due to number of assets loaded + having an elemental weapon out.

  20. I was near the spring of wisdom, not sure if that's near enough to hateno to count

  21. Is it me or is that shield kinda busted? Against a competent player magic isn't that powerful anyway and that just completely nullifies it

  22. Not really, I'm pretty sure it doesn't reflect all spells and it doesn't fully negate damage, a good player will swap to an actual weapon but they decided not to learn everytime and continued spamming.

  23. What good would an actual weapon do if they have a mage build

  24. Isn't he in the opening cinematic? He looks about the same size as the black knife assassins

  25. Then you see his big ahh in the deeproot area, not to mention we also see radahn and morgott duking it out at the same size, people get big

  26. The theory goes he's fused with the erdtree or something so now he's basically the size of the entire lands between, you see the erdtree roots and his face on them everywhere

  27. Ah, the "we have nothing to post but our social media team still exists so let's just post really boring stuff" phase of a games lifetime

  28. This game doesn't really explain you need an ungodly amount of vigor don't make this post like it's the players fault

  29. I'm pretty sure things one-shotting you is the game explaining that you need more vigor.

  30. Oh sure let me add 40 to my vigor automatically the second I realize I need more also dark souls and Bloodborne needed way less vigor so that's what they were probably expecting

  31. SV are good but there are better games you can get with the vouchers

  32. The legend of Zelda breath of the wild or mario odyssey are both incredible games

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