Johnny Depp's reaction to a bizarre psychologist who claims to have evaluated Johnny Depp's cognitive abilities based on his performance in Pirates movies

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  1. Just looked at her most recent comments and she admits that she smoked while pregnant and has no connection with her son. God I hope this is a troll, if not, I hope husband takes son and never lets her see him. Poor kid.

  2. lol you’re reposting this shit after you got an IMMENSE amount of responses the first time you posted it. no one told you what you wanted to hear and all you did is double down and defend your terrible choices. you are fucking insufferable. your (ex) husband is making the right choice. you’ve tried posting this multiple times, you look stupid as fuck. instead of trying to get sympathy on reddit for the problems you’ve brought upon yourself go to a THERAPIST.

  3. Don’t think a therapist would even be able to help. Just check out OP’s post history.

  4. OP, it’s not about the marijuana, mushrooms or alcohol. It about choices. You are making choices that show that you don’t have your family’s best interests at heart. You say you’re too deep into to stop, but why? That’s a choice you are making. Get help to stop using those vices. You chose to lie to your husband, stop lying. You chose to associate with the friends that your husband doesn’t approve of, who is more important? I see a lot of comments about “it’s just weed” or “just a couple drinks”. Regardless of what “it” is, the thing to focus on are the choices you are making. If you want to be good mother to your child and save your marriage, make the right choices. Get help. If you don’t, then prepare to sign custody over to your husband, and be okay with that.

  5. So I should quit what I enjoy just because it upsets my husband? What part of the marriage vows does it say that?

  6. You’re missing the point. It doesn’t just upset him. He is in recovery, he needs to have a sober environment. As his wife, you should support him, and that mean earring back his trust. Lying will destroy a marriage quicker than anything else. That being said, if you’re willing to seek help, be that, recovery for you and marriage therapy for the both of you, he needs to support you as well. If you truly want to have a family, with a husband and son, you need to take their needs in consideration as much as your own. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. I have a toddler son and husband as well. It’s hard to find the right balance a lot of the times especially when you’re lifestyle was so different pre baby. I can relate to that. But you need to do what’s in the best interest for everyone, especially your son. He should be the most important thing and 1st priority.

  7. There’s a gym in fishers landing called My Gym. I used to take my 1 year old to the one in Happy Valley and it was the BEST!! One monthly fee and you can virtually go everyday to a session. I go to Kids Club now and it’s fun, but not as personable or budget friendly as My Gym. I tried the little gym in lake Oswego and did not click with the vibe.

  8. Glad your kitto came back safe. We used to let our cats wander at night back in the day, but too many whack-jobs and gnarly animals to get into fights with. We have strictly indoor gatos now-adays.

  9. Yeah she was strictly indoors for the first 3 years of her life, since we moved, we have an enclosed catio but she does have access to the roof. Time to close off the roof.

  10. UPDATE! She came home around 4am this morning, ate, slept a bit, then went off on another adventure. What a bitch😂🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you for all your concerns!

  11. We sleep trained at 14 months. I think it’s whatever is best for your child as every child is different.

  12. We co slept exclusively until 13 months starting at 3 months. We were dreading the transition but our son took it like a champ. He was waking to nurse 4-6 times a night so we just made sure he was well fed developed a new nighttime routine and let him cry it out. He cried for 8 minutes the first night then 3 then about 30 seconds, he now sleeps through the night as we let him cry it out if he woke up. Now at 16 months he looks forward to his crib at night. We also have him a special stuffy “Mew Mews” now his favorite kitty stuffy that he sleeps with which helped with separation. Your little one can do it! Not every night will be simple or easy but it’s all worth it to get your bed back. Best of luck!

  13. This was such an awful time for us. Fingers crossed the fires never return this bad again.

  14. Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver.

  15. Get giant speakers, point directly at their house and play a recording of your crying baby on full blast from 2:00am-6:00am. Then tell them it’s America and you can do whatever you want.

  16. I don’t know if you’re looking to let baby walk around much, but the Tush Baby carrier is amazing. My 14 month old loves to walk around when we are traveling so to be able to hold him on my hip and then easily let him down to walk has been great. For reference, I’m 5 foot petite build and my son is 26lbs.

  17. I’m 15 months PP and still have zero desire. I do to please my husband, but get no enjoyment out of it. I’m also still breastfeeding so I’m sure that is a factor in my libido.

  18. The radical difference is amazing. Yensa foundations are AMazing. Hopefully it’s in your skin tone at least??

  19. How long does it take to see results for the radical difference? Surprisingly the foundation is my exact color. I completely lucked out with that.

  20. That's so awesome! I just started subscribing to several different boxes and planned to add the extra products to my donations. I like the idea of making little kits! I usually just donate like boxes of feminine hygiene, deodorant, toothpaste, body washes, lotions, etc. What do you put in your kits?

  21. Beauty subs are great to build up a stash of extra products! I usually put condoms, pads, socks, biodegradable wipes, chapstick, sunscreen, toothpaste, nail clippers and beauty products like dry shampoo, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick,etc. when I have extra.

  22. A 3 week vacation without their baby... It would be a shame I'd the formula that's giving baby gas and stomach pain was completely out of stock and the people caring for baby for 3 weeks had to try a different formula.

  23. Feel free to share! I’m glad I did end up reporting, it was a tough decision but Worth it to see a healthier baby. I ordered some German goat milk formula for her to try when they are away to see if that helps. Supposed to be much calmer in the tummy.

  24. People in the comments have rightfully put me in my place for suggesting a stranger change someone else's baby's formula. Will you have permission to take the baby to be seen by the doctor while they are away? That way you could get the goats milk approved by her pediatrician?

  25. Also your post was very well done! I wish I had the capacity to post like you! Thanks for sharing my experience.

  26. I got mine Not damaged but it appeared to have been used. The packaging did not smell and there was no sign of leaking, but there was a good amount of product missing. 😔

  27. He should have been casted as count Olaf on LS Series of Unfortunate Events

  28. Not at all. My son is almost 14 months and I have yet to want a “break” from him. Our families think I’m too possessive, but I just love spending every minute with him.

  29. Good to know! That was the only product I was a bit iffy on.

  30. Ooooh! Great bag! I would use all of those things. I love that texture aiir.

  31. I love the Texture Aiir as well! It’s not the most exciting bag, but I will definitely use everything.

  32. I didn't sleep train my first and cosleeped. When I went to sleep is when baby went into bed. It was helpful in feeding baby at night and keeping my milk supply going. I couldn't pump during the day at work. Co sleeping was awesome for me. I also was able to detect any spikes in temperature almost immediately since I could feel temperature changes baby hands during night nursing.

  33. Did you ever transition from co sleeping to crib? If so, what age and how did you start? I am needing to transition my 13 month old from co sleeping and nursing to sleep to the crib and am at a total loss where to start.

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