1. The character's 15. It's totally normal to have a bf/gf then or even earlier. Harry Potter characters have been dating since they're in 4th yr.

  2. but if it is at the end of the campaign it invalidates my point of playing the campaign at world tier III :(

  3. No it has nothing to do with the campaign. It's an open world dungeon boss.

  4. I played barb, then a sorc. I had to do a double check to make sure I didn't select world tier 1 because everything was so much easier

  5. Yeah the moment I unlocked Hydra I had to check in the map, then teleport back to town to double check to make sure I wasn't in WT1.

  6. Because of all these games are programmed like this, you set your Max Frame Limiter in the AMD driver.

  7. Yeah the fps is just ~140, it should've cost virtually zero. A friend of mine tried with his 3060Ti and same thing happen so it isn't a driver thing.

  8. cap your fps at like 75

  9. Tried that. the settings didn't apply until it's logged in. Plus it's only the loading button animated, it should cost virtually zero. I could run the game stably at 1440p highest settings @ 130-150fps

  10. No way moscow mitch would give any sh*t if Trump somehow ended up in prison.

  11. Not as of yet, as far as I'm aware. He's just hanging around in Fractured Peaks, with no mention of how he got out of hell. Maybe they'll explain it eventually. He does say "I have returned to hell for you" in the release date cinematic.

  12. Clearly you skipped all cut scenes and dialogues in the main quest line lol.

  13. The first reason that comes to my mind would be that they intentionally downgraded the graphics in order to lower the minimal specs requirement and reach a wider audience by enabling low-end pc and console users to run the game smoothly.

  14. There's another explanation: There is no high/ultra graphic on Beta, they needs time to polish that.

  15. IF they nerfed it, make it the new "Seasonal Journey" since the old became obsolite because of power creep.

  16. After putting the powder in the bottom of the filter and presses, pour some very few droplets of water in the powder and press it strongly again. The goal is making the powder in the chamber densely packed so the boiling water poring over it go down to the cup as slow as possible.

  17. Remind me, where DeSantis held this weeding ceremony again?

  18. Yeah, I think that everyone hurried to get to their work in that bus also loved that.

  19. Summon necs all the way. They'll both be my tank and damage dealer, should be no problem in World Tier 1 & 2.

  20. Pizza. He eats it with a knife and folk (in Jon Stewart's voice).

  21. Agree. The sigils will only increase the dificulty of dungens, won't solve its current problems.

  22. Nah to me there are 2 types: One that can make constructive opinions (even whining) and ones that senselessly hate the game nonetheless.

  23. Pretty sure that isn't what I and many others complained.

  24. Wait, Japanese genitalia isn't pixelized in person? TIL

  25. They only pixelated inside Japan and become normal when they go abroad.

  26. uncensored leaks ruined the mystery. theyre wearing condoms and it's still a creampie, lmao

  27. Agree. while the affixes should be on the current font for readability, the item title should be the classic font.

  28. You're aware there's been alpha/beta tests prior to this, right? A lot of the same complaints/suggestions were made months ago when they tested END GAME. Not much has changed.

  29. What? Can't answer my last comment so you being strawman to another issue?

  30. I guess all those other games are wasting time with a dozen patches to get to their desired result. Why didn't they just make the change correctly the first try?

  31. Yeah ofc all those dozens or so patches are all to ballance ONE aspect of ONE character and no touching other character and no bug fix either.

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