1. I'd dunk on the Badgers but...(looks at Fleck after he shit the bed at home and just shakes head at the dumpster fire of the B1G West and that Bert's farting all over it from the top of the dumpster...)

  2. I think the punter getting blown up was punishment enough for breaking an unwritten rule.

  3. I've had the complete box edit: set for I dunno, 20 years, but I do miss the covers of the individual collections. I kinda wish it was grouped up the same and had those covers in it. Or maybe it does and I've forgotten?

  4. Saying you don't vote is like saying you don't wipe after shitting.

  5. Speaking as someone who was in Marching band freshman year, Drumline usually gets the most ass, followed by the brass players.

  6. CJ Cherryh’s Foreigner series does this really well — perspective character is the ambassador to alien species and there is so much about understanding them and how their different capacities/history impacts their thought processes - people who are very alien in a real human sort of way of that makes sense

  7. Almost any of the Cherryh books with aliens do.

  8. As an amphibian, doesn't Fleck require a school located near copious open water?

  9. Know anywhere I can get my hands on those sweet OSU tickets that are being distributed but not sold?

  10. I replied to someone elsewhere. I know for a fact that unsold, unattractive tickets are given to staff at the last min as a "reward".

  11. You’re talking about dozens, maybe hundreds of tickets. It’s a drop in the bucket at most when your cramming 105k or more fans in the stands.

  12. All my data is anecdotal, but all of the people I know at OSU who could get free tickets have gotten them this year. And they got 4 per employee.

  13. It always cracked me up how Calvin's dad obviously had a pretty good job, but would never get cable TV, or in this situation, a VCR.

  14. Don't forget the fishing pole. Eating trout you caught yourself at 4 am builds character

  15. Reminds me of the time when archeologist thought that Mayans kept their obsidian knifes high up in the kitchen because they worshipped the sun god


  17. You have just witnessed Pac-12 after dark and the last UCLA vs UW game as PAC-12 opponents.

  18. There's still a good chance that they'll meet again as conference opponents, just not in the Pac.

  19. I was eating at Milestone years ago and they made a very loud and very public announcement that they had to close the fountain due to a “fecal event.” Good times.

  20. I can't believe health code allows them not to treat that water. So ick.

  21. The water is treated. But they still have to go through extra treatment when they see an incident or it tests positive for excrement.

  22. Given the userbase of incontinent children they should treat that water continuously.

  23. With all of the Midwestern transplants in Arizona, it seems weird we wouldn’t take at least one Arizona school. (ASU has D1 hockey and is Kevin Warren’s alma mater).

  24. Yeah, my dream add of two from the PAC is UW and ASU.

  25. Tabletop board game cafe sounds interesting

  26. If you really like board games you should check out CABS

  27. I'm pretty sure it was designed to avoid being a tunnel, specifically to avoid all sorts of requirements.

  28. If MM power is anything less than shooting lethal fluid out his man tits than I don't want it.

  29. I fully expect to see MM using that power to fight Love Sausage.

  30. I get that it's on purpose, but this is the sort of thing that breeds ill will and causes people to quit the game.

  31. I love Calvin’s annoyed expression in the second panel. It’s like he’s had to remind his mom to “feed” Hobbes multiple times already.

  32. The most unrealistic thing about this strip is that his mom doesn't just reflexively say "of course I did!"

  33. All wizards have drop damage. He should have it too.

  34. What if instead of drop damage he had death damage?

  35. so many good ideas and SC is like "Yeah morter needs a nerf"

  36. I just want them to record a line of wizard saying "oops" when he dies.

  37. There's not actually a tradeoff between academic ability and athletic ability, but the challenge Stanford, Northwestern, Duke, and GT face is that they have to compete for the guys that are long tail outliers on both dimensions and want to play football, and that's just going to be a smaller pond to fish in.

  38. I actually do think there is some tradeoff. There are only so many hours in the day. You can make up for some amount of talent by just hard work, but you can't spend 12 hours a day on football and 12 hours a day on academics.

  39. You guy's are still building covered bridges?

  40. Anytime anyone asks about sf and politics, my first answer is Infomocracy by Malka Older.

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