1. The koobideh plates at Hatam in Mission Viejo are huge. Enough for 2 meals. They are just over $15 though.

  2. You might be able to find an in-body scanner near you that doesn't charge. You can search for locations on the in-body scan website. Nutrishops near me have them and do it for free. I've been considering running my own program alongside the TC as I'm not sure it makes sense to pay for it, other than to be in the running for cash prizes, but I'm not looking to win either.

  3. I use Hex too. A little goes a long way and it keeps clothes so fresh. Love it!

  4. I have a rower and really enjoy the asensei app. It challenges you to push harder and gives specific splits and stroke rates to hit based on your skill and progress. Great for practice. It is compatible with Concept2 and WaterRower, but it's not free.

  5. I'd always take 3G if they offered it, but it's usually only once a week at my studio.

  6. I love it with the sash! Hair looks good either way, but maybe more formal when it’s up.

  7. Well done! Your hard work is so worth it. Glad to hear you're feeling amazing too!

  8. I love all these! They all work so well on you.

  9. I started out as a jogger and saw improvements in speed over time, but I just generally hate running and don't look forward to it. A few months ago, I started PWing (mostly...depends on the block) and I'm loving it, especially in challenging myself to increase incline or go faster. I love that it works different muscle groups and is more like hiking. I also don't dread it. I say give it a go for a while and see how you feel!

  10. I think it would look lovely on a romantic, especially with some fancy jewelry. So pretty!

  11. Yes to the water and towel. I use the Link for the Apple Watch and I really like it. I've not really had too many issues with it. On the rare occasion, it stops reading, but it picks back up again (usually after I move the watch on my wrist a little). One downside with the Link is you can't use it for the 'at home' workouts if that's something you're interested in.

  12. I've found high rise curvy-cut jeans to be quite flattering (after shunning the high waisted ones for so long). I'm possibly an R, definitely curvy with short legs. High rise jeans balance me out pretty well. I recently found a pair of curvy cut sailor pants that I'm obsessed with. They are a wider leg which I've never been able to pull off, but because of the higher waist and curvy cut, I totally think they work. I don't have a pic of me in them, but it's these:

  13. I made a batch last week and now it sits. I can't wait! I am storing it in mason jars. Is it necessary to make the jars airtight? Or just seal them as far as putting a lid on it?

  14. I really like this outfit! It looks so comfy and cozy. Great jeans too. It's often hard to find good fitting curvy jeans. I often find decent fitting ones at LOFT. I'll have to check out Everlane.

  15. I'm surprised to see that people with shorter legs enjoy midi skirts. I have short legs for my height (just under 5'5") and either SG or R and I find they make me look so stumpy. Maybe I should play around with lengths a little more, but midis really throw off my proportions. I also have rather "robust" calves so that doesn't help anything either when trying to style a midi. Maybe it's just personal preference and what looks good on one's body.

  16. Not sure if I'm R or SG, but I loathe low rise pants and shorts (and pretty much any pants that aren't "curvy" sized). I also avoid really voluminous, amorphous items and items that are straight (unless I can tuck it in or wear a belt with it). I've discovered vertical stripes look atrocious on me, too.

  17. I really like the second outfit. I think the shape of the pants works well on you and I love the monochromatic look with a bit of pizazz from the polka dots. It seems like it defines your waist in a subtle and elegant way. Also, the more fitted top and looser bottom looks so good on you.

  18. I think you're probably romantic, I think the first blue one looks the best on you but the top may need to be tailored a bit so it's shorter and raise length. I think you should try something with a sweetheart neckline and skinny straps because i think the white dress looks cute but the harsh triangular shape doesn't work.

  19. This is so helpful! I think you nailed what doesn't work about the white dress. I haven't been able to figure it out. It would work so much better with a softer neckline. I much prefer how I look in sweetheart necklines. The first blue dress is actually a petite size and still a bit too long. It's so frustrating for my body type with midi skirts being ubiquitous at the moment.

  20. I thought the same and liked this look the best on you! I see no N-width, rather a frame dominance? My guess would be SG!

  21. Thank you! I've had a sneaking suspicion about being SG.

  22. This is so relatable. Thank you for sharing your journey! Reading posts like these has been helpful on my own journey. For me, "trying on" the different IDs has been a lesson in learning more about my body and the styles that flatter it, as well as a bit of a self-love journey.

  23. I love the rounded waistline! It looks great on you. As others have mentioned, I think the top and bottom colors contrast too much which cuts you in half.

  24. I sweat a lot, too, and use a sports detergent to wash my workout clothes (I've been liking Hex brand). Has worked well for me.

  25. I use my Apple Watch with the OTbeat Link and I've been liking it. It's nice on the occasion I forget my Link that I can just use the Apple Watch. Downside to the Link is it cannot be used outside class.

  26. Was my first time with this benchmark today. I PW'd it and got 0.84 mi. Set it at 4.2, bumped to 4.3 in the last 2 mins and then 4.5 in the last minute. Incline was 4%. Felt great!

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