F&F theft. Some of y’all are evil fr

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. I didn't pay any! I believe the duties are calculated in your cart. Free shipping was over $70 so I got my total to $72 and there were no duties :)

  2. How long until the whole application goes through , funding and all?

  3. I did the fast track option so everything was expedited.

  4. Hey, do you guys know if better jobs Ontario pays the school directly or if they give you the funding and you would pay the school?

  5. no they pay you and you have to pay the school. you have to send in receipts proving you paid the school and bought books

  6. I feel you as a fellow Guru. F this company. F their bs expectations. You on the other hand, are a star. Shine

  7. are you still at shoplift and has it improved?

  8. Most of the questions/prompts ask for a time you’ve demonstrated certain soft skills. It’s not necessarily about the amount of extracurriculars or even if it’s tech related. It’s more about impact and what you’ve learned from that experience. Weather it’s developing personal skills or the impact on others.

  9. are you enjoying the program? Any update?

  10. Can't speak much about bootcamps. I am self taught. What questions do you have?

  11. How many hours a week on average did you dedicate to learning coding?

  12. Also, it’s been 3 years and Shoppers still labels 5% GST as 13% HST on my online orders. They get the math right but I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed by now.

  13. they need to update their website. they would sell so much more if their site was updated. They have great offers and a ton of products I just find their website to be shitty.

  14. Its so sad because they have a ton of products. Its just so hard to find them

  15. Not the letter of intent. The employment counselor writes the service plan rationale. But the letter of intent comes from the client/applicant.

  16. I didn't do a letter of intent and I'm in the program right now. I got everything approved.

  17. I saw you did the fast track option. Could probably be why you didn't need to do it. I know as long as you meet the fast track criteria, there are a lot of things you won't need to provide.

  18. OHHHHH yess!!! That is so true. Yes I did the fast track so it was so easy and simple LOL

  19. LCBO would be a good option as they only hire part time/casual.

  20. I would apply. I'm currently taking part of the program right now. Its pretty good.

  21. I’ve been to their warehouse sales in the past so had previously signed up to get notified about them! This year they introduced a ticketing system so had to register for a ticket when in previous years you just had to show up!

  22. Does the sale take place every three months like the Estée Lauder sale?

  23. I was going to say the same thing. Ive gone through two bottles of Cloud in 2.5 years. I use it almost everyday. You paid for it, use it the way you want :)

  24. I just received my order and they were wrapped individually and placed in a packing envelope and then in a box. Im in Canada not sure if this helps

  25. Perfect, that’s the same as mine came! Thank you ☺️

  26. I would call them. This might be an error

  27. Best option is shoppers drug mart on redemption days or 20x the points days

  28. Hi there, I am requesting a code if anyone has extras

  29. If anyone has a code. Please send it to me if possible

  30. FOLLOW @ladypink504 & dm on Instagram for a Sephora link !! She just sent me hers & it works!! ☺️💖

  31. I good afternoon. If anyone has a code to share please and thank you.

  32. hi requesting a code if possible please

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