1. I come back to read that Monte’s being salty about Taylor not opening up & being vulnerable with him?

  2. he called her damaged goods. just ridiculous these men this year

  3. Also they just watched you take a swing and miss at Michael and now they supposed to be ready to turn around and try again next week??? Cause you failed Turner??? He’s funny

  4. I mean unless they all just wanna go ahead and throw him the confetti now, yes they should absolutely all be swinging for Michael again next week. And every week after that, until someone doesn't miss. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?

  5. Its good for the house if Michael is taken out but the whole house is not aligned so it’s not good for some people’s personal game to take the shot now. Turner took a swing & missed but I think it’s ridiculous of him to expect other people to do the same this early, especially people that are not aligned with him but yes objectively Michael needs to be taken out like yesterday if anyone else wants a shot at winning.

  6. Mike & Britt being shady during Taylor’s HOH. Much of which Turner already knew but he asked Turner not to say anything

  7. This is all game. I don’t believe for a second that he’s this genuinely concerned about Kyle’s “growth.” He’s saying and doing what he thinks is gonna resonate with Monte to have him consider keeping Kyle. Terrance is sleazy.

  8. Oh for sure. Everything he saying about Kyle being able to have an opportunity to grow can happen… but like outside the BB house lmao

  9. Look, topsy turvy things have been happening all season so…. IF Kyle were to stay, what does his game look like going forward? Does he act like nothing happened? Does he continue to feel awkward? Does he just lay low & let others take the lead? Who would he target? 🤔

  10. It’s certainly a stain on his game but he has pre-existing relationships with everyone in the house that don’t just immediately go out the window because of an incident. I’d be more worried about after the seasons over

  11. Def agree with you about the relationships. I don’t think anyone would treat him differently (no one currently is). I am more wondering whether or not he would be in his head about everything now

  12. Alright I’m tapping out while things are still tame. This season is destroying my sleep!!

  13. Please Taylor I beg of you… do not spill the what Monte told you about Michael to Britt!

  14. Has ANYONE seen Kyle talking to someone? I’ve been watching and I haven’t seen him even by himself.

  15. She’s such a trip LOL. Old school got nothing accomplished and LO dominated for like 3 weeks straight lmao

  16. I may be reading into it but I feel like I am picking up on some Taylor/Alyssa tension

  17. The fact that sending joseph home is being used against Kyle is absolutely ridiculous. Same for targeting taylor. Y’all are only upset because these guys are your faves

  18. Bold of you to tell other people…especially other POCs why they’re upset about something.

  19. Why are you upset than? I’m not a fan of Kyle but calling him a massive racist is a little far

  20. You already told me why I’m upset remember? If you in earnest want to know why or understand it from a different perspective then why not ask the question initially instead of posting a closed statement as if it were fact? I’m not here to give reasons to someone who is more interested in being dismissive of other viewpoints because you don’t see it that way. The point of my reply to you was to point out how ignorant it is to tell other people why they’re upset especially around a racially sensitive subject.

  21. is kyle playing a good game or is kyle playing a deeply emotional and not well thought out game and it just hasn’t backfired against him yet lol

  22. I think he is just lucky that he is the type of person people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt

  23. I’ve made peace with Joseph going but it’s going to really suck if the insiders believe Joseph was the leak

  24. Sure, but Terrance should know Joseph is self interested too and is just saying this to save himself

  25. Of course but it’s also about hedging your bets on who you can get the farthest with which in part takes convincing someone why your loyalty is more valuable than someone’s else’s. It’s not a perfect sell but it could work in Joseph’s favor to focus on that comparison between Kyle & himself.

  26. I know you didn’t ask me but I started following her when it seemed like she might have real intel. She did tweet Dyrefest before the theme aired… not sure if maybe someone else (more accurate) tweeted before her. In my very limited experience following her she has seemed somewhat legit about spoilers but I still try to take her stuff with a grain of salt

  27. I just feel like if production was leaking info like a sieve they’d have tracked down who it was by now. If they shut down all the backyard feeds for days in order to protect the integrity of the game it seems unlikely they’d be cool with people leaking info to random Twitter accounts.

  28. I think you have the more logical take on it. I guess I just like to naively believe that production to extent would be ok with a well timed leak 😭😭

  29. Catching up on some clips from last night. Looks like Taylor told Monte about the Paloma “shower” incident Apparently, Paloma cited that as instance to Taylor about her not being self aware of her comments rubbing people the wrong way after Taylor was put OTB to which Taylor had clarified w/ Paloma that she was just reacting to a funny face Paloma made & Paloma made the face again after Taylor asked her what face she was making. Taylor said she thought it was weird that Paloma pulled her to explain to her why she was OTB when it was Daniel that put her there. I think Monte is really feeling bad for how all of that went down 😬

  30. One fan fiction I could really get behind is if Alyssa pretended to be cool with Kyle’s LO reveal then she bonded w/ Terrance over the fact that they were both in the dark & she convinced him to put Kyle on the block & they voted Kyle out. Yeah… that would be one hell of an arc for Alyssa

  31. I think the best way for Kyle to have covered his tracks would be for Terrance to leave the noms the same:

  32. Honestly, if Kyle going up is part of his master plan, I like it more than leaving it the same

  33. I see what you’re saying. I think Kyle OTB is harder to sell if Kyle doesn’t get voted out. If it’s a tie & Terrance breaks it in Kyle’s favor, it doesn’t make sense for Terrance to have used the veto just to vote out Joseph anyway. This scenario would make better sense if Alyssa won POV & took Turner down, thus forcing Terrance to pick a replacement. They could I suppose just chalk it up to Terrance not knowing what he’s doing.

  34. The way twitter treats Joseph and Alyssa’s situationships differently when it seems like Joseph’s was more serious 💀

  35. It’s hard to tell how serious Joseph’s was honestly. By his own admission they were not dating & it was not serious. He even said in his introduction package that he’d be open to a showmance. He could be lying & down playing it all but time will tell.

  36. We know that there is production interference/influence to some degree (like most if not all reality tv) so I wonder if that weren’t the case if fans would still be as emboldened as they are to demand production to influence the game in favor of their faves 🤔

  37. I’m not sure what kind of season fans of the show want? They want all feel good inspirational moments, pure loyalty, unchallenged heros, self sacrifice, and group hugs?

  38. Yeah I think people get hung up on the fact that the “villain” may not have their comeuppance in the game & ultimately win but it’s a short sided view IMO. Even if people’s faves don’t take away the ultimate prize, many of them still have bright futures & opportunities waiting for them post show. They will be fine.

  39. Joseph is not even good at this game. He was protected because Indy sees him as a son jasmine is in love with him and so is Taylor. He can’t flirt with Terrance so he’s gone now rip

  40. I definitely think Joseph should’ve done better playing the line with Terrance as well instead of putting all of his energy into the girls.

  41. Turner when he realizes he's getting lumped in with Kyle by the inside of the house when he did literally nothing

  42. Technically, Turner didn’t do anything but he still sided with Kyle on Alyssa over the 2 other people in his f4 so Monte at least has reason to be concerned about him.

  43. Yeah going to respectfully disagree with this as well. Like some others said, he pushed to get her out multiple times & assured the LOs that they were priority over Alyssa. He is the one that switched up & he felt even more emboldened by Michael & Britt playing the middle with him.

  44. The pool floaty sex & racism allegations toward Kyle made it to a segment on that E! News pop culture show 😬

  45. I love Skippy - super chunky 👍

  46. Nice!! I’m a boring creamy person… I can’t get with the chunks… it’s a texture thing 🥴

  47. I see what you mean but, he also hasnt really been talking much 1:1 game so its esp. good for him to have this chat.

  48. Oh for sure! Just find it interesting that she was the 1st one he prioritized talking to haha

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