1. I remember reading about this in 1975(4th grade) from a book called the weirdest people in the world.

  2. Not perverts, narcissists. Women are prizes, they are conquests.

  3. “Haul it, ball it, never call it. Girls are objects.”

  4. He sho will. Georgia will probably dump Fanny Willis or call for a “total review” of her case

  5. What is it with Republicans electing people whose default setting of facial expression is that of a constipated turtle trying to shit last night's ill-advised Habenero chili with extra peanuts?

  6. “Last time I saw a mouth like that there was a hook in it”

  7. Remember what the emperor looked like when he revealed his true self?

  8. It gets worse. Atlanta is charging, I believe, 14 protesters with Domestic Terrorism. Minimum sentence is 5 years. If this happens, it sets a really bad precedent.

  9. Alibi tried to go legit Tiki when the new ownership took over; they even poached half the bar staff from Rum Club. But despite a good start, the fact is the place is a karaoke bar first and foremost. Pricey authentic drinks were not really ever gonna fly; so it backslid. It’s a hell of a lot better than it used to be, and there some acknowledgment of authentic tropical drink recipes, but the drinks are always going to be an accompaniment to Debra getting shitfaced and fumbling through “She’s My Cherry Pie”.

  10. Did you, once upon a time, have to sit through a “Debra” getting shitfaced and fumbling through “she’s my cherry pie”?

  11. If only making lasting products would be as profitable as throwaway stuff

  12. Isn’t a pencil an example of something you wouldn’t want to last?

  13. There are white guys who grew up in the right families, went to the right schools, got the right degrees, wear the right clothes, have the right wives, and belong to the right clubs who must be steaming right now that MTG got that Comittee assignment and not them.

  14. Nobody was held hostage. People were free to leave anytime.

  15. It’s an expression, you troglodyte wank

  16. It is an expression and it was poorly implemented.

  17. But it’s not old it’s only changed. Get it warm it will liquify again. Candle warmer easy mode.

  18. Hhhmmm. Didn’t know that. Always just chucked it and got a new one.

  19. Shouldn’t You(OP) be asking if there are any NFT’s that are not scams?

  20. Ha! I didn’t know this. A little context… when this song hit, it was during the dominance of MTV. Everyone heard this on the radio only. Everyone assumed it was African American singing. When the video dropped everyone was flabbergasted. This was the very first rickroll.

  21. The little man with the big voice. That’s what we said after picking our jaws off the ground.

  22. Whoever the debate partner is they dropped out because regionals.

  23. None of what you just said is even remotely correct.

  24. Kids and adults will love the Center for Puppetry Arts.

  25. To many people have not seen Zardoz and it shows

  26. It's only 3 years older than Star Wars: A New Hope

  27. And it’s 35 years younger than Gone with the Wind. What’s your point?

  28. Thanks for pointing to that site. Didn’t know of it.

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