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  1. Hard illegal drugs and their effects on the body. I'm probably on a list now. 🥲

  2. I want to but I literally can't because I'm registered to vote in 2 different states, texas and my previous state, and idk how to fix it???

  3. Update: Roxas is in surgery and I will update again once the vet calls me after his surgery.

  4. Omg his name is Roxas! 👀 that's the best name! Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  5. Totally know what you mean, drives me crazy as well. But on the flip side I found that those people understand and accept you in the truest form. I have a friend with ADHD as well and it feels great to finally be seen and understood.

  6. Funny you should mention that. Me and this autistic friend are also friends with another ADHD person and a nurottypical, we're all part of the same friend group. XD

  7. Hello Dumpling near White Rock Lake has awesome dumplings and noodles!

  8. It’s really the entire ECS department in general. Also hear complaints from JSOM. Apparently advising went on a summer break…and we got no notification of this at all. I’ve been trying to enroll in a class (that’s literally it) and my advisor just hasn’t responded. Emailed the UGAdvising email as well hoping maybe one of them would, nothing yet.

  9. I've heard a lot of Advisors are apparently leaving as well. I don't blame them tho. My advisor left and I was lucky enough to register for classes with her the week before she left.

  10. UK has some of the least wild environments and among the lowest biological diversity of any country in the world. The entire country has been encroached on by humans.

  11. Yeah. They did it to their own country and then decided to do it to the rest of the world. :3

  12. But they still have a covid problem like the rest of the world because they started letting Australia in first. I have two NZ friends who both got it.

  13. Great now the gangs all here, unless we have more characters being revealed.

  14. It also doesn't help that people are being misdiagnosed with other stuff other then monkeypox as well

  15. It’s been said in one of the streams that the more you sin the less human you look. So since she’s just your basic furry sheep girl, her sins weren’t as big as others.

  16. Go check out HC4Art on Twitter, He's the one that made the Overlord Angel Dust AU. 👀

  17. the damn birds migrated be sure to throw seeds at coworkers you dislike

  18. He had a heart attack. It was on the Amazon warehouse subreddit last week when it happened.

  19. He had a heart attack, probably from overheating. It was in the Amazon workers sub last week when it happened. The warehouses are too fucking hot and they don't care.

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