1. Bro what happened. Why are they trolling people with not voles ? What did I miss

  2. he doesnt look all that special, idk what people are so upset about

  3. He isn’t ugly. He is just the character you make for any% fallout games speedruns

  4. Even this being shitty. Stop being shitty about how people look

  5. I respect that. You are right. I don’t even care for him. We should be better people

  6. Depends on where you live. The US isn't the only place with Reddit users.

  7. My sister and i had this exact argument yesterday, i argued a spear is the best weapon in most medieval situations and demonstrated by giving her a plank of wood for a "shield" and i picked up a broomhandle and showed her how easy it was to bypass her defense. Then we swapped so i had the shield and she immediately stabbed me in the chest and now i have a bruise

  8. See that is where it gets interesting. Because on one hand I can see murder being justified when killing one’s rapist but what do we define as justifiable killing ? This will backfire real quick real hard

  9. We have a legal system for a reason. Your emotions don't make you above the law.

  10. Was ist eigentlich der maximale IQ, den man haben kann, wenn man bei so was mitmacht?


  12. “OG” Saints Row fans threatening to shoot up Volition’s offices and saying “I’ll kill Steph (the community manager) first” then getting mad when she says they engage in terrorist behavior

  13. Me when I do something I shouldn’t (what do you mean I cannot threaten people with murder or rape or bombs bro wouldn’t survive a MW2 lobby lmao noob get rent)

  14. I don’t have a quick and good solution but 6* your UDK will help you achieve that goal probably

  15. I think it’s just Frustating to read it every year. Like I can make a reminder and I bet you someone will Be „say thank you Skeleton man“ or some shit and that is what the problem is

  16. Sexually deprived redditors when they meet a depressed female on the internet:

  17. Man it’s funny but holy shit must that suck to always have to read „yes hello sexy sexer please sex“

  18. „Yeah so she has lice and a sore throat so it’s absolutely reasonable to let her come to school

  19. Why is this mildy infuriating though? He looks like he's minding his business, something I wish more people would do

  20. The Mildly Infuriation part is people taking pictures of others without there consent WITHOUT censoring them.

  21. Good looking out! Got 5 ascendencies from it!

  22. Yep, U.S military spending is overblown. I knew the answer but this proves most people who complain about it have no idea what they are talking about. Most chosen answer is 22%, and by far. People think military spending is almost a quarter of our gdp? Like what world do they live in.

  23. Man , i don’t know much about US GDP and I heard they have an absurdly high number for military. Let a man believe in his 22%

  24. ich mutmaße dass die Sprechblase im Original nicht so aussah

  25. Mr Enter made a YouTube video reviewing Turning Red and he expressed his frustration with the movie not mentioning 9/11

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