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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. em was most definitely a producer at his peak. kanye even had him as one of his top five producers back in 2004.

  2. in a scratch magazine that came out right in like 2004, kanye had eminem in his top five producers. he said he even stole a drum sample disc of his too.

  3. Lmao that’s funny I just watched it today. It was a great Documentary. Made me once again realize that if I just had a supportive parent and been able to make friends as a child I might not be the fucking useless loser I am today.

  4. i don’t want to sound corny but you genuinely are not a useless loser. you’re definitely capable of greatness that you may not realize yet, but please don’t have that negative mentality.

  5. None of these are jazz influenced except sir baudelaire and maybe hot wind blows

  6. it’s so obvious how young this sub is because nobody is understanding the obvious satire in the post, and you can tell it’s like 2014 era 😭

  7. i was born like six months after my parents left kosova for the states. the US/NATO blessed us albanians and gave us a fighting chance to actually exist.

  8. Because "awesome" has never been used other than in HIMYM?

  9. i think he tweeted something like “although it’s no more, those 7 letters are forever,” referring to OFWGKTA.

  10. bro this is fucking hilarious, why are people being such wet blankets in the comments LMFAO

  11. Only win was a sketchy decision against a FW. Defended against none in his division.

  12. the eminem show, songs in the key of life, and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy

  13. as much as i don’t like the privacy concerns related to tiktok, the amount of news you can get from literally thousands of pages on tiktok not related to mainstream media is something that can’t be taken for granted.

  14. If those people could read, they would be very upset with you right now....

  15. classist liberals love when they make fun of the most impoverished area of the country with the highest population of black people in the country

  16. I suppose it’s better to make fun of people than try to legislate minorities’ rights away, right?

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