1. I love how she either hasn’t found the time or money to go pursue her passion of working with kids with mental disabilities but she’s had two nose jobs and several boyfriends

  2. Love this take. She chose the fame instead of helping others. Not surprised.

  3. My 6 month old is held for the large majority of the day. It’s normal. We’re carrying mammals.

  4. Same with mine and I get the “you spoiled him” comments all the time.

  5. My son has these on the roof of his mouth where his back molars would come in. But reading this thread I learned they are called Epstein Pearls. My son is 6.5 months and doesn’t have any teeth yet.

  6. what are you on about? I’m not upset about the names it’s not even my post. I’m saying that MNS and his people made sure we did know these details. They created an online game with multiple levels for viewers to attempt to solve. One of the levels was listing all the names on the pregnancy test sticks. The creators literally told us what to pay attention to as we were watching. I’m sorry that you didn’t notice any of the details. The show was spectacularly intricate!

  7. I had no idea about the online game regarding details. What other questions were on the game besides the pregnancy test names? (Coming from someone who missed a lot of details - I need to rewatch the series from beginning to end again).

  8. The braid makes her look like an avatar 😂

  9. We do. Every other day we do soap. So we alternate soap bath/water bath etc. my son has never broken out in a reaction or had dry skin. We lotion every night. Sometimes on the water baths we use all natural coconut oil on his skin. Makes him super soft but also slippery when getting out of the tub! Lol

  10. Watched it last night when it originally aired, didn’t strike me as anything new or noteworthy that hasn’t already been mentioned. Maybe the K turn he did but I think I’ve seen that mentioned elsewhere.

  11. I don't know why you're being downvoted. The K turn is definitely not new information.

  12. We don’t feel bad for her. We feel bad for the BABY who didn’t choose who his asshole selfish father was.

  13. They’ll forgive anyone at this point. Except like Caitlyn lol.

  14. he’s going to dog them. & embarrass the shit out of them. again.

  15. I’m sorry but why are they invited to the Oscar’s

  16. I didn’t tell parents or in laws. Only a handful of people. It was easy to manage without telling anyone. I just didn’t want the questions and the judgement even though I know it’s not my fault .. but you know uneducated people and how that goes. Also my mom is a chronic worrier and would’ve been stressed out. Next pregnancy, if I have it (which I most likely will I think), I will be more open about it with family and share because I don’t like keeping secrets and I honestly idgaf anymore lol. Whatever you decide to do it’s your decision!

  17. Is very appropriate for a child’s party. I’m frankly shocked. Lol.

  18. Mary Alice (after both grandmothers) or Madeline.

  19. Apple need to chill tryna play a Lasso trailer after. Fuck out, need to reflect during the credits.

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