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  1. I can't wait for this to fly around the conspiracy subs as "proof" of something...

  2. I know a potentially life altering natural terror is bearing down on us, but this second yacht ain't buying itself. Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make

  3. Imagine making a post with 100 upvotes, and then get 300 downvotes in the comments... KEKW

  4. I'm getting a hint of "LOOK AT ME" more than "hey, guys, really need some help.

  5. So ever single passenger train was out of state when the bombs dropped? That's not how passenger trains work, especially given lists of passenger routes we see.

  6. There's two lines, so, yeah, the idea is one in, one out, with a fairly consistent schedule. If it was every four hours, about, there's a very real chance that none would be in our snapshot of West Virginia. Remember, we're in a part of the state, not the entirety of it

  7. I think we're both muddying up our head canon, game world, and real world to a degree.

  8. Ah, Texas' mentally challenged third cousin (I can make that joke, I'm from Florida)

  9. 3 mana mage secret: at the start of your turn, deal 3 damage to the enemy hero for each spell they cast last turn.

  10. Not a secret. 0 mana legendary spell. Next turn, summon a random minion for each card played, equal to its cost

  11. My wording might be off, but the intention is the actual cost of the card, not the adjusted cost.

  12. That’s a really helpful insight. Thank you!

  13. I actually have been trying to devise a sensible faster-than-human travel mechanism, and water could be the answer. I’ll have to consider that!

  14. Yeah, survival, with a tantalizing spin on the wheel of life long afflictions as a parting gift. Prizes include one or even several of the following (and the list is expanding!);

  15. You’re in really poor health, aren’t you? Not very athletic?

  16. Poor health, no. Nothing worse than the normal 30-40 range deals with. Some lingering issues from the military, but nothing that has kept me from staying reasonably fit. I'm not qualifying for an Olympic team anytime soon, but I'm not exactly getting winded from a flight of stairs.

  17. That's a dangerous trail to trek, friend. Popular opinion sways like the wind, and its just as gentle or destructive in its nature.

  18. That and the moon landing ones always make me roll my eyes. It was literally cheaper to accomplish the missions to secure more funding than to fake/sabotage to accomplish that goal.

  19. It's like you guys are reverse conspiracy theorists omg ahaha

  20. It's not necessarily reverse conspiracy theory. I just don't buy into extraordinary claims without extraordinary proof.

  21. If we're talking realistically, greater than 0%, but less than 1%

  22. Yes, they want you to play the game.

  23. The audacity. I can't just log in and get stuff? I'm calling my congressperson

  24. Every sentient race in my universe is 'human.' Different realms (dimensions) in this universe, humans expressed characteristics akin to different animals.

  25. This is the kind of absurdity that makes me wonder if we actually do need a widespread war once in a while. (I say this half sarcastically, I've been to war, I'd rather it just never be a thing ever again)

  26. Explicitly? No where. But when she starts rambling about decolonizing tongues and that ineloquent stretch at trying to add negative connotation to "Butcher," it's implying that mispronouncing people's names comes from a racist mindset.

  27. I wonder how old the actual first dick pic is. Was it a painting? A crudely drawn carving? Maybe there's a penis on a cave wall somewhere with a lucky cavewoman's name on it.

  28. Probably a fossilized mushroom head imprint in an archeology vault somewhere 🤔

  29. I've seen these in a couple gas stations around my area. Just in the open...I'm thinking they should be sold from behind the counter. I went down to the corner, and there's a no-shit warning label on the back. Not a cutesy one, like "we're not responsible if you're dumb enough to eat this" kind of label.

  30. The words "cancel culture" have most certainly passed her lips.

  31. Has probably unironically used the phrase "that's not very Christian of you" throughout her life

  32. Slavery is very economical, if you can make sure they have no ability to resist.

  33. Slavery, yes. Bioengineering a "replacement slave," probably not so much. It's not like the wealthy "elite" haven't already amassed enough resources to just straight up enslave the less fortunate.

  34. no see it's Takeaway Thrall, he's still in the queue

  35. I thought it was going to be Menu Morgl, still hasn't decided what he wants yet

  36. Do people really not like Gul'dan? I thought he was the embodiment of what a warlock is.

  37. Personally, it depends on the capacity you're asking. As a character, he's amazing, from the perspective of the story. As far as, he's alright, was never a huge fan of the style or voice (fight me)

  38. When I worked in a professional restaurant this would have been nothing. Prep, sanitizing, washing, cooking all use a ton of water.

  39. What's insane, is for a small portion of the profit the restaurant industry brings in, they could switch to a safe recycling system so as not to waste so much

  40. When you heat body up to boiling point, only ~30% of their mass remains as solid material afterwards.

  41. So, in theory, we could measure the 70% as well from the distillate?

  42. In theory. You collect the evaporated fluid, and not hard to determine the component elements.

  43. If my brother and I had ever followed thru on our "Factory employing only monkeys" concept you would have had a buyer. We couldn't think of the right product though.

  44. Banana pudding, like seriously. You're eating into your profit a bit to pay the workers, but your overhead would be drastically reduced

  45. Impressive they were able to keep rights relatively intact even through shuffling around like that

  46. IPs like this usually come in a package bundle. The folks in the circles to buy them know "low entertainment" stuff like this is worthless without the rest.

  47. Iceberg, Hindenburg, obviously Obama hates Jews

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