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  1. I like custom sketch covers, but especially like these. It looks great! What was the process for getting it done?

  2. And there's a long line of streaming shows before we get to she-hulk, don't know why anyone would have trouble choosing between the two

  3. I'd say it's best to steer clear all together. If they have to make it a rule, is it usually a free for all? Lol

  4. That is true. He is very gullible and it can be really annoying. Anyone who thinks his podcasts are valuable besides a comedy or entertainment aspect is crazy. I steer clear of anything animal or medical related. I do listen to the wrongful conviction lawyer podcasts because they can be interesting

  5. That's why it's best to ignore him. It doesn't matter how dumb he says he is. He acts as a platform and is used as such

  6. I'm not a Rogan fan but I don't think he really deserves to be lumped in with the other two.

  7. Lol I just bought a commission and I specifically asked for Deadpool and Harley. It's actually 2 pieces that work like a connecting cover. There are great btw

  8. Aww awesome. I wouldn't normally draw harley but when she asked I was happy to do it. My son loves deadpool and asks for him in different scenarios daily lol you'll need to put your commission on when you get it.

  9. Planning on it. Didn't wanna say too much yet. I gave a few notes but left him open to experiment. So I don't know what the final product looks like yet

  10. Because it’s a cool looking logo. There are those who know who the Punisher is and wish that there was one in real life. The ones who deal with political corruption and organized crime. Pedophile rings and human trafficking. Some cops see these people get off time and time again and continue to hurt people and society but their hands are tied. They have to work within the rules that increasingly don’t work. So in their frustration they wish for a solution. But this is a comic sub so ACAB.

  11. I had the official walkthrough. Which I bought in a blockbuster. They had a n64 with Pokemon snap to play with. Memories... anyway... This detail was in the walkthrough lol

  12. Agreed. I also think several irony objects have constantly fallen on her head.

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