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  1. Actually aftr hearing this I feel CLB was good. N 2 Deep, Way 2 Sexy, YOLT, Fair Trade, Knife Talk

  2. Kus I lost money 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. wow I didn't realize how much his voice changed

  4. You don’t understand how big he is in the UK and all of Europe

  5. I am an electrician making 23 an hour I have a wife and 2 kids. my rent is 2000. USA is starting to suck ass

  6. My 67 year old grandma just came down from Mexico a week ago I can’t believe that even she has one foot out the door now. Weirdly enough she just told me she doesn’t have a testimony in Smith but she doesn’t want to leave the community. She loves the lds community in Mexico….even though she hides her love in boyfriend from them

  7. Jesus is king at D? Bro you gotta grow up NOW LIKE TODAY

  8. Jokes on you I was born and raised in Arizona

  9. I am happy for him finding a way to succeed. That’s wonderful!

  10. Became a felon when I was 18 I’m 24 with two kids and a wife. I’m an electrician but it sooo hard to find a job

  11. Looks accurate to me I love yeezy but Olivia is up next

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