1. I gave it to my boyfriend and even he refused to use it.... that's when you know

  2. ... four sigmatic makes face masks??

  3. Does the eco lips feel waxy like chapstick? I have been using the raw sugar lip balm and I love it. It's not waxy at all .

  4. I mean, it is customized, but yeah, they definitely phrase it in a way that makes it sound more involved than it is.

  5. I'm their defense, I've never gotten a complexion product in the wrong shade. Can't say that was the case back when I had Birchbox.

  6. similar bag to mine! except instead of the brush, I got the rose lip balm. I'm pretty happy about it, got a bunch of add ons too lol. I chose the same shampoo conditioner set. Happy to dry the body scrub too, something different for me and it looks like its naturally fragranced!

  7. But for the Dr. Brandt cream that I don't need, I am very happy with my bag. I have and like the Dr. Zenovia serum. I was really hoping for that so was happy it was an Ipsy choice. My picks were the Mitchell and Peach Body Oil, Volition Correcting oil, and Sutra hair serum. I added Kayali and Spongelle.

  8. at least Dr. Brandt is a great brand! I almost added it to add-ons but I'm getting a haul from stylevana (arriving one of these days...) :)

  9. oh wow sweet bag!! I would love everything except I don't need any more eyeshadows, though that one looks good especially for fall. I got the Kaleido balm in my bag and I added on the hermetica and tatcha as neither were choice for me. I like the tarte lash paint, though I haven't tried this one I would like to!

  10. Yep you're good. Ipsy may even offer you an incentive via email to unpause!

  11. For me, there was a weird glitch where ipsy sent my bag to my old house, which is across the country and also condemned lol. I contacted them and they sent me a new one that's on its way. I've received bags, sale items etc. to my current address since September. Bizarre how it reverted itself??

  12. What I wore today was a little bit of brightening concealer under the eyes, and clear brow gel.

  13. The Athr Moonlight Crystal palette was awful? I’ve been wanting it 🙈

  14. I don't mind it! Only a few brands that don't seem to irritate my eyes. Iby doesn't either.

  15. Thank you. I'll probably pass. On a side note I just discovered Saturday Skin through my GBP and really like their skincare so far.

  16. Saturday skin is awesome, very underrated

  17. I didn’t know it was reformulated? I tried the original and was so bummed it dried the hell out of my skin. Ingredients were lovely and the texture was great. But omg, after just a couple days my skin was so parched. Curious if the new formula isn’t as drying? If not, I would so be willing to try again.

  18. Thank you for the info! Yeah, on Stylevana there's the choice to buy one or the other. Hearing your review now, I will go with neither and find another brand. Thank you!

  19. Sorry about that! I’m still on the lookout for a gentle non drying cleanser so if you find one let me know :)

  20. Yay, happy for you! I pray those of us in America can get it soon!

  21. I really like the Wright Socks double layer socks. They’re marketed as running socks. They are two very thin socks sewn together to prevent chafing and blisters. They are super comfortable and don’t have that stupid band around the center of the foot that some of us hate.

  22. Thank you! Is it possible to send a link? I'm seeing ones from this brand but it's hard to tell from pictures which have the band as some definitely do.

  23. The Sanofi promotional video refers to a recombinant protein. They create a plasmid using covid DNA that works with a baculovirus creating recombinant DNA (1:13). The virus releases spike proteins which then become the final product.

  24. I do wonder if it's better though to have "spike proteins floating around" (which I assume the body would see and remove and then theoretically get antibodies from) than to inject cells to force them to create spike proteins themselves. That seems like a more uncontrollable recipe (for disaster?) In the first case, it seems like the body can mount a defense. In the mRNA shots, it seems like the body becomes the maker of the spike.

  25. In normal circumstances, I do not believe that the body sees spike proteins floating through the bloodstream. That would be a question for a hematologist.

  26. I just subscribed, think I’ll receive a spring box? Or not until June?

  27. I just subscribed today and it said spring box :)

  28. patches aren't an option listed for me but I would totally go for that too. Use them regularly.

  29. I don't even know what brand it is but I've tried many in the past and they all seem to work well. Currently I'm using the cheapest, largest quantity one I could find on Amazon and they work well (I threw away the box so I can't remember the brand, just have the blank sheet with the dots left)

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