1. I'm sorry but where is the proof these are US soldiers? I see a dude in a generic looking uniform and that's it.


  3. Yep . even another video of British army hitting children got taken down

  4. I see a group of Iraqi national guard beating a group of kids while a British soldier watches. The Iraqi guard have newer gear for the time period, probably after the handover of power to the Iraqis. We wouldn’t be allowed to anything but watch.

  5. مرحباً ، عن اي انهيار عصبي تتكلم ؟؟

  6. لا تتعب نفسك مع حشرات مثل هذي تراه مصري ويحب يلقمه

  7. Here we go again with people badmouthing islam because a mentally ill dumbass do something shit that totally contradicts with islam

  8. I was about to post this, 'Hey, "Down-voter", pull the stick outta your arse and go sit on a dick. And have a nice day!', but I changed my mind. Too much hate in the world already.

  9. Come onnn 1 extra lovely cat won’t change much , the poor fella might get sold to a bad family , think about it man also you can take him and if you don’t like him you can give him to someone else

  10. I would love to wallah, we could barely do two, the only reason we had a third one was because he was kitten and he didn't have a mother. But why can't you take him yourself? Im sure that you'd be a great owner.

  11. Unfortunately my family hates cats and my previous cat got kicked out of the house without my knowledge I really loved that bastard 😞

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