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what are some fucked up animal facts?

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  1. My life is like a video game Trying hard to beat the stage All the while still collecting coins

  2. Conservatives: Banning Trump from Twitter is a free speech violation.

  3. The problem is that the morality of conservatives is so screwed up abortion and being gay are on the same level as murder.

  4. If alcohol was exclusively associated with a sub-culture the Nixon or Reagan administrations didn't like it would be illegal.

  5. I'm curious what they picked as their starting class.

  6. Star Wars fans: The prequels had the best fight choreography.

  7. /uj I never understood why “anti-SJW gamers” like RDR2. It is pretty openly anti-racist and feminist. I mean there’s literally a line where the protagonist says that everyone is equal no matter the race.

  8. You gotta understand something. They're really fucking dumb and only interact with extremely surface level stuff like who the protagonist is. It's all identity politics. Arthur is a grizzled badass white man so it's not woke, even though Arthur is an anarchist. The Last of Us Part 1 also had a grizzled badass white man. The Last of Us Part 2 kills him and then both player characters are not only women, but women who don't fit into the submissive blonde big-titted surrogate mommy gamers want all women to be. As a result they interpreted it as a direct attack on who they identify with and believe themselves to be: the grizzled badass white man.

  9. Based on the way he talked about his build, I agree.

  10. I have this book. This is wrong on purpose. So the book is all about teaching kids to identify dinosaurs by morphology. It goes over the differences that separates dinosaurs from modern reptiles and also how dinosaurs are divided into the saurasichan and ornithosichans. This is from the part of the book where it tests your knowledge by having you guess which is a real dinosaur and which isn't. You're supposed to recognize this as not even a real animal.

  11. There's even a Rhedosaurus next to it, which isn't a real dinosaur either but a movie monster

  12. Exactly but if you read the book you'd know it's not a dinosaur (all carnivore dinosaurs were bipeds).

  13. If I made a Halo TV show it would consist of 1 episode and it would be me saying "Play Halo 1-3".

  14. For a guy who claims he works 12 hours a day, he sure spends a lot of time fucking around..

  15. Yeah but when he fucks around it's work. See when he's on Twitter it's branding and marketing and buzzword salad. Right now we're in the middle of his 4-d chess Queen gambit to own the world by appearing to be an egomaniacal shithead with all this schizoposting.

  16. It wouldn’t call tweeting things like this beneficial to him or his companies.

  17. No see your punny lib brain can't see Daddy Elon's genius. But I can because he's just like me.

  18. And has no sense of morals or shame. A lot of “smart” business decisions are not actually based on intelligence but being a ruthless dickbag willing to fuck over other human beings.

  19. The Twitter buy out was made with a loan that was a gamble made against Tesla stock. Tesla is Elon's big money maker and he's intentionally dragging it through the mud so he can have iron fisted control over the social media platform he's obsessed with. These aren't the actions of a smart man but the actions of a egomaniac who is too rich too give a fuck if Tesla looses $400 million in market value in a week.

  20. Everything will be in Dominion except accurate science.

  21. I go "Would I like it if someone did this to me" and if the answer is "No" then don't do it.

  22. Two of them aren't even real within the context of their realities (because in real reality they're all fake)

  23. Regardless of how Musk himself leans politically, it is baffling idiotic for him to mock Democrats. They're his core consumer base, they're the people he's directly marketing his product to. Republicans generally care less about EVs, Musk is perfectly entitled to his own views but when it could hurt your bottom line just keep it to yourself.

  24. Also I'm pretty certain Republicans are against space travel as it violates their flat Earth/space doesn't exist conspiracy theories.

  25. Guy who sells electric cars tries to alienate his customers in well thought out scheme.

  26. Yes it has happened usually as a form of punishment and it requires Thaumaturgy.

  27. The Book of Enoch. It's an entire section of the Old Testament that the Roman Catholic Church didn't want anyone to know. The deal is that God creates and sends a group of angels called the Watchers to observe early humans but the angels get bored and so they directly interact with us. They teach us farming and astrology and how to make weapons. The angels fall in love with human women and have babies with them but the babies grow up into man-eating giants called nephelim. Lucifer shows up and gets the idea that the angels can breed an army of nephelim to overthrow Heaven. The angels end up creating so much chaos on Earth that God has no choice but to wipe the slate clean with a global flood.

  28. Pablo Escobar had a small zoo. They couldn’t remove some of the larger animals from said zoo. Because of this the Amazon now has a thriving population of hippopotamus that the locals cannot decide on what to do with.

  29. There was a bill introduced to the House of Representatives in the 1910's to bring hippos to the Mississippi. The idea was that hippos would eat the invasive hyacinths that were choking the river and we would control the hippo population by eating them.

  30. Can someone explain the context in which Matt had a 15 year old (of any gender) shirtless in his trailer being filmed? Like what?

  31. He's in swimming trunks. It's a bunch of boys at a pool.

  32. The CP claim isn't going to stick. We have enough legal precedent with documentaries and sex education that this has been settled. Using the footage without the person's permission now there are actual laws regarding that.

  33. Primordial Gamer (I guess, if we’re using this logic):

  34. Hadean Eon gamer: Super Mario on the NES.

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