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  1. In my experience, it’s tough to figure out who’s who in most cases.

  2. It can be difficult for Americans to differentiate you guys from Kiwis

  3. Sure, but Kiwis/Australians would never mistake one for another. Even if they are similar to foreign ears (and they certainly are similar), the accents are markedly different.

  4. After the Bobby Lee thing the subreddit got a huge wave of new posters. The whole vibe has changed around here. I've gone from posting/commenting multiple times a day to barely checking now.

  5. That would make sense. Obviously you would encourage him to follow his hopes and dreams as an MMA fighter, but he's handsome enough that he doesn't have to fight if he doesn't want to

  6. this is totally a series of drew dober alt accounts

  7. he's actually the CEO of Guinness and he thinks it's funny because he knows you're on the front cover of the next Guinness Book of Fuckin Retards

  8. Lots of places that were colonized by Britain still kind of sound British. Like South Africa, for instance.

  9. Satire is for losers and the indolent (artists, academics, scientists and thinkers). Meanwhile the successful just get on with it, pulling up bootstrap after bootstrap.

  10. Back in my day we didn't even have time for a latte with all the bootstraps that needed pulling

  11. Do you really think any PM grew up ever having to worry about homelessness? I think they live in a different Australia to 90% of Australians

  12. And Sydney people rarely think about Melbourne, in my experience

  13. I assume you're not counting rugby fans endlessly seething about the AFL while AFL fans can't even name an NRL team lol

  14. Imagine being so far up your own arse that you associate different political views with brain damage. You must be kicking goals....

  15. There actually have been studies linking conservative voting with low intelligence lol

  16. I look forward to you providing them. Get off this guys nossle mate.

  17. Lol. If you think celebrities and supporter groups or celebrity supporters should influence the direction a sporting club takes in hiring personnel, then I don't know what to tell you.

  18. Chris Rock is basically wearing platform shoes. Respect to Kevin Hart for not trying to fool anyone with his height

  19. If you want to work casually, it's probably because you're too old and they don't want to pay you. At Woolworths I used to work 25 hours a week and by the time I finished uni my hours had dropped to 5 hours a week.

  20. I fixed this by manually setting the date and time of the Chromecast to match that of the network. For some reason it would get out of sync after being powered off and would not connect to the internet.

  21. Corporate slaves what's the current vibe in your office about working from home, given recent advice about, well... gestures wildly at the state of the world.

  22. As the population became more vaccinated, restrictions were eased resulting in a higher number of total deaths but a lower rate of infection and serious disease.

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