i think somewhere he is still holding the phone

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  1. Say “man fuck those fucking tests. Y’all are failing the parenting test.”

  2. So this is why Reinhardt W/ pocket Mercy has been so annoying

  3. thats what im trying to figure out because i play OW1 on xbox and switched to ps5 and am playing the beta but i don't have any of my skins and my account are all connected

  4. Series X, no install yet. See y’all soon hopefully haha

  5. You get guaranteed access to the upcoming beta. If you bought the pack, look at the PlayStation store, or whatever the equivalent is for you. You should be able to download ow2, and it will install when the beta goes live at 11am U.S. Western time today (about 4 hours from now)

  6. On Series X it says purchased. But there is no option to start download. Hopefully it available for DL when the beta starts. Just sucks I can’t have it downloaded ahead of time, my internet SUCKS takes hours for games to Install.

  7. If you bought the watchpoint pack the beta should show up in the “all owned games” section in your games and apps and it should be available for download

  8. I bought the pack for Xbox, signed up for the beta but nothing shows in my game library

  9. Same. Hoping it appears at time of Beta starting. Just blows we can’t pre download and instantly play.

  10. "Pre-download is not available. You'll be able to access the client and download it when beta starts." From blizzard customer service

  11. I JUST tried a method below where they said they held all 4 buttons down. Its working now!

  12. There was no “reason.” It lived it’s game life and lived a lot longer than most.

  13. I bought it cause I'm an OW completionist and wanted those siiiick skins.

  14. Hey! I’m also making my first short film this summer as well. It’s a horror as well lol. Not a slasher though, something more similar to the intro scene of “The Ring”

  15. Can the giant ones sting too? Seems like it would stab straight through your body.

  16. Fear first. Then melee and health intermittently. Stamina. Shields. Range.

  17. Cheryl - "Lets focus on the main objective before were all dead."

  18. My favorite thing I’ve come across, is the supports that DO NOT SUPPORT

  19. I try to use Cheryls ability at fires while everyone is lowering fear and right after battles when everyone is standing by the new chest.

  20. Who would have thought a lot of people wouldn’t want to watch democrats bitch and moan during prime time!

  21. Thats what I'm always wondering about Tucker Carlson fans. His entire show is one big cry fest, yet he attracts millions of viewers.

  22. Well I learned one thing from this man... Blue lives matter. Until they are in the way.

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