2. TEXT returns literal text. It's as if you're trying to sum "rocks" + "happiness".


  4. Try swapping all "." for "/" and see if Excel changes it to dates by itself.

  5. EDIT > A much easier albeit less elegant solution is using INDEX($A:$ZZ, MATCH(column with the individual's name), MATCH($1:$1)) to always match the column position. It'll work anywhere unless your columns go beyond column ZZ, at which point you just have to update your INDEX references.

  6. Thanks a lot. I will try this one and see how it works!

  7. No but I think you clearly need to spend less time on the internet ... and probably more on your education.

  8. The meme is about anonymity, but it also talks about how you can claim to be anything and no one can tell whether it's true or not.

  9. Wut?? "We were talking about stocks and now you're talking about something that has little to do with it," if you actually think FIRE has little to do with the stock market then how do ypu expect me to take another word you write seriously? Also, I am not a "crypto bro", I am mostly in stocks, plus some real estate, some bitcoin. I just think it's funny when people who have obviously not done their research like to educate the world with their opinions. The fact is, bitcoin's market cap is bigger than most global companies and bigger than the GDP of dozens of countries, at what point does one just accept that it's not going to go away and instead just start diversifying? This is a question everyone needs to amswer for themselves. Good luck to you.

  10. Estou fazendo isso, mas acredita que, às vezes, no iFood está mais barato que no próprio site/cardápio do restaurante?!

  11. Ia te falar pra juntar um pouco mais, tipo uns R$70 e ir num restaurante de fato. Com esse valor você consegue comer comida bem boa, fora os ambientes mais legais do que só pedir delivery.

  12. Depending on the workbook it takes more time to save, doesn't matter your specs if you're running a huge file. Not sure if auto-save also recalculates formulas, but I believe it doesn't.


  14. =IF(XLOOKUP(A2, A:A, D:D, ,0) = "", XLOOKUP(A2, A:A, C:C, , 0), 0), XLOOKUP(A2, A:A, D:D, ,0))

  15. Já trabalhei com consultoria, então você imagina o quanto falar com cuidado era importante.

  16. it is but i need to set the start day as Thursday for some employees hence I want to like personally create a function for it so that it will auto calculate based on what is their work start day

  17. yes auto-calculate the number of days worked based on their work start day, i did explain well, you just got more confused cause I'm pretty clear on what i want and it is a really specific question

  18. The thing is that this is far from a specific question. People want to calculate worked days all the time to set up payrolls and that's why people are confused about what you want. Most of them time people say "I want to calculate the worked days" but they want to calculate it for each month separately, or for each week, or for each year.

  19. O problema é que o espaço de tempo e reação entre o "tá tudo bem, ainda tá controlado" e o "fudeu, não tem mais leito" é bem pequeno. Uma semana tá tudo bem, dali duas tem gente morrendo em casa por falta de vaga em hospital. E não só de covid, mas de outras doenças e acidentes também.

  20. Ora ora....então a prefeitura contratou um xeroque roumes para descobrir que lugares fechados e sem máscara aumentam os casos de Covid.

  21. Não sei nem por que tinha essa esperança, mas achava que a população ia se adaptar ao padrão de usar máscara em lugares públicos sem necessidade que o governo obrigasse, parecido com o Japão.

  22. Create a Google Forms and tell them to add the link to the form to their home page in their cell phone. It'll look just like an app icon and whenever they click it, they're taken to the form.

  23. INDEX is a function that can receive either a matrix with two indexes (row number and column number), or it can receive an array (a single row or column), and then you define which position in that array you want to retrieve.

  24. You can't change the input directly in the same cell (EDIT > unless you use VBA).

  25. Ok thanks, I'll try to figure that out. I haven't used VBA yet but have been wanting to learn. This is a good opportunity to.

  26. Now I see it. The post from the other day had this same text but without that specific link

  27. This was already posted and removed under rule #1 because the article doesn't link to the study.

  28. The thing is that some machines kinda have daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tasks. But I like your idea tbh, like splitting them into different months. I may try this approach =)

  29. You mean like 12 sheets in the same file, right? (Each representing a single month)?

  30. It's rather simple to do using various columns. It's just boring and a hassle.

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