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  1. Cafe disco is on the left arm. And on the right collarbone you can just make out Dwight Schrute’s Gym For Muscles. Left collarbone has Michael Scott’s Paper Company. And then Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast logo is on the right side - not visible in this photo.

  2. exactly, people think I don't know what I'm doing but I've watched the Tour De France on TV 16 times so I'm pretty much a pro by now.

  3. Pretty sure this is what's been happening with mine lately. Was going to post this in hopes of helping someone but I guess I'll just upvote your comment from a year ago. ;P

  4. Haha thanks! I’m just glad this is helping folks! I remember when it first happened to me it took me forever to figure out what was going on.

  5. Loved this kit design. Looking good mate! These are one of my favorites from them. Don’t love the Ostroy chamois though - but I see your not using their bibs anyway.

  6. This was part of my wheel upgrade path on my 2019 Roubaix. I initially went for the C38’s because I do some climbing rides, and told myself the C38s would be better. I did about 4k miles that year on those wheels. Zero issues. Amazing wheelset. But the 38mm depth, and the basic look of the carbon layup, just wasn’t doing it for me visually.

  7. I’ve been using this specific Anker bank since, apparently, 2018. And it still going strong!

  8. Run the new calipers. Supposedly the extra clearance helps the brake rub.

  9. I have the new Di2 Ultegra 12 speed on my aethos so the extra clearance is there. The rub is very very occasional but wanted to see if this is an Aethos thing or affects other S bikes too - sounds like it does.

  10. Ah. Well then. Good to know the new calipers won’t fix it for me lol.

  11. Never heard of... REI? Like are you in absolute bumfuck or do you not actually live in the US?

  12. To be fair, I’ve lived in NYC for the last 31 years - and had to Google REI when I saw this.

  13. Sorry for the late reply. But yes i got back. Reset TV. And resetup the remote control the same way. Still Worked.

  14. Can you post more of your code? I’m assuming your mixing html and PHP together without proper tags. But i can’t really tell that from your small snippet.

  15. Honestly, the first version was cleaner and more modern. But as long as people who’d be wearing it like it, then who cares.

  16. Your right. This is utterly horrible. I’m so sorry you have to wear that. In-fact I feel downright horrible. I can’t sleep knowing your suffering like this.

  17. Those Beats earbuds are absolutely horrible to ride with, in my experience. So much wind noise. Is it the same case for you?

  18. Yep. The same. I usually rock my neck gaiter up over them to block the wind out.

  19. 5’8” and started at 225 wearing Sponeed and Amazon jerseys which were loose enough to hide under. Then went with Rapha Core and Classic stuff. Never stopped riding Rapha since that switch. Just loved the materials and the chamois. And even over 200lbs the Core bibs and the Classic jerseys in XL and L all fit great.

  20. Yeah, it’s basically a space heater with a little display of fake fire. Drop the tv any lower and it’s at risk of being burnt by the tv, or so the fireplace instructions say. They recommend at least 8 inches above the vent i went 10 i think

  21. I have one of these. And there’s a switch on the back left side of mine that lets me turn off the heat portion. Letting it just function as a display of fake fire. You can see if that exists. Although that will only net you a few extra inches…

  22. The AMEX offer for Assos is still valid this month. Spend $150 - Get $50 back as a statement credit. Check your AMEX offers to enable.

  23. Got it on my everyday/everyday preferred currently. Have seen it before on my green.

  24. He might now know he peed in the first place.

  25. I ride a Power on my road bike and have been thinking about the Mirror. Did you ride the pro before and then get the mirror or straight to the mirror?

  26. No i never tried the original power. It was next inline for me. I tried Bridge, and Phenom. Then the Power Mirror came out and I got it that same day. Never looked back.

  27. What’s the safest way to get to manhattan as a person driving from Boston ?

  28. A YouTube video and some imagination.

  29. Trucks aren’t supposed to be in the left lane though. Why were you?

  30. These laws vary state by state. In NY this depends on the type of registration, how many axles, if you are actively towing a vehicle or not, if there is an emergency in front of you, gross weight, and then road specifications. The only place you are entirely restricted from using the extreme left lane is on the NYS thruway.

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