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As Ohio restricts abortions, 10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for procedure

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  1. Can you elaborate on the dog heart beat? Genuinely curious

  2. It was explained to me that they basically don't have a pacemaker function. So it doesn't have a regular rhythm and is just kind of randomly regular/fast/slow.

  3. Once the refund clears, you should totally go back and edit it down to 1 star for soliciting false ratings.

  4. Holy cow, I should've done that when I had a similar experience with an Amazon purchase!

  5. And even if they did, the laws banning abortion mean there are no doctors left in that state who can perform them, so even when a mother's health is in danger from a wanted pregnancy, she still has to travel multiple states away to get a procedure to save her life.

  6. .....and that's a HUGE problem for a lot of people. What is your argument here? Women should just shut up and travel over 500 miles to get life-saving care? Little girls that are raped should be forced to carry dangerous pregnancies because you don't feel like listening to arguements about why this all should be happening?

  7. I'm not sure if you misread my comment? I'm stating that when someone thinks they can pass a law to only stop abortions for certain reasons but allow them for other reasons, they are really stopping abortions for all reasons because essentially it becomes too difficult/costly for doctors to be able to go through the hoops required to perform any abortions at all, even those for the "acceptable" reasons. Thus endangering the lives of women who need an abortion to save their life.

  8. This summer, I've gotten more tan than usual. It has made much more noticeable, the multiple scars from being bitten by the cat I had 20 years ago. He was very affectionate ... unless you were trying to crate him for a vet visit.

  9. It's the psycho babble shit trick people played to get what they want. People believe silence in conversation makes the other party uncomfortable and the pressure would make the other side cave. You can just uno-reverse their shit to them.

  10. How my husband describes car sales tactics: Whoever speaks first, loses.

  11. I play on the switch ... am assuming it's the same for everyone. I think they're called abandoned rooms. You get near it and click a button to enter it, then there's some glooey's to kill, and maybe some sofas to collect and chests to open. Then the only way out kicks you back to the ruins exit.

  12. Parent of two young boys. You've just given me a portal to see the future.

  13. More. Since their profits/cashflow would increase without exorbitant audit fees.

  14. Unless their profits/cashflow are just made up, so they keep looking good. How ya gonna know?

  15. I just finished a post-credits quest that included making 90 waterproof cloth. I bought a lot of worn fur from civil corps commissions, plus plant fiber from the tree farm.

  16. I can already envision the TikTok pregnancy announcements using their Georgia tax return.

  17. You don't get those. Eventually, when you've gotten what you want, you can reset the ruins by paying 20 gols at the outside entrance and start fresh.

  18. If you upgrade your assembly station to the max, it will automatically pull materials from your factory.

  19. Any state that outlaws abortion while not mandating adoption is saying they believe a 10 year old is mentally fit enough, independent enough, and responsible enough to be a parent.

  20. Um how does one mandate adoption in a way that doesn't turn into forcing a girl or woman to give up her child because she's young or struggling financially??

  21. My 10yo covers his eyes when people kiss because he thinks it's so gross.

  22. The only time I've had a crash was day 28 of some month. It seemed to be from letting myself collapse at 3am instead of going to bed on my own. So I finally got up, did a few things, and went to bed, and finally made it to the next day.

  23. Jacob's Tailor, north of Barry Rd on Ambassador (next to former Boardwalk MCPL branch). $12 to hem pants.

  24. This area on my knee has been like this for years. There's nothing like this anywhere else on my body. It started almost 20 years ago after I kneeled on a hard ceramic tile floor to scrub it (so, for hours). Early on, getting massages seemed to help for awhile, but not anymore. I asked a doctor about it years ago and they brushed it off and didn't know what it was.

  25. I just did it, on month 4, day 1, year 2. Just stand still at the grave with him & his family for a few minutes until he thanks you or something like that. If that's what this mission is.

  26. The good news is that first time buyer benefits are grossly exaggerated. The bad news is that they probably did this because they couldn’t qualify for the property without his income and/or credit, so there’s a foreclosure waiting to happen and screw his credit score for a long time.

  27. I think is was so they could get a lower interest rate. Mortgage rate for a primary residence is usually lower than if it's a rental/vacation/investment property. Called it the son's primary residence.

  28. I'm not finished with the game, but know of three lifts. Bassanio Falls (upper right of map), Eufala desert (near the mine), and the western plains (west of tree farm and duck pond).

  29. Why do you believe it's in Eufala desert? What is the title of the mission?

  30. I got it on the switch in early April. Didn't have a glitch until a couple months of playing, and figured out how to resolve it (posted on here about it). It's best to close out of the game periodically. If I've been playing for a few hours and don't close out, it will start playing the wrong music for the wrong scene. I figure that's a good sign to save and quit.

  31. Nadah Cartmill (DoulaNadah), if she's still working (it's been a few years since I had kids).

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