1. It’s Silverstone Weekend. Will we have as much drama as last year?

  2. It does throw cold water on Nanos's "significant" CPC lead though. As ever, the most probable real results are that nothing has changed since the last election

  3. Nanos has been stuck at around CPC +5 for the last three weeks.

  4. I'm so confused. Is SOAR the main orientation in University or is it the only one? I thought orientations is happening near the start of the school year.

  5. SOAR is run by the university itself in partnership with your faculty. It's a more academically-oriented orientation that's optional.

  6. Weren't stations like Pimisi and Parliament specifically designed to handle crowds from large events like this?

  7. As it seems like Lebreton Flats will be the home for the official Canada Day celebrations until Centre Block is ready, that certainly doesn't bode well for the future. I wonder if it'll be the same for Bluesfest and the eventual Corel Centre.

  8. As I said in the thread on the Mainstreet poll - I take polls conducted in the summer with a big grain of salt - Liberals are away at cottages or overseas on vacation during this time.

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