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  1. Hopefully this doesn’t all go towards Paul White’s salary

  2. I wonder if AJ had his colonoscopy yet

  3. I still quote these SpongeBob YouTube poops from 10 years ago

  4. With so little ppv events, AEW should make each stage unique

  5. I hope it’s Elron the younger brother

  6. I hope they keep Elias, he had a character, Zeke never had one

  7. I’d be in the Pokémon world so probably trying not to die by wild animals

  8. Why does he need the yacht, he could get a private helicopter (as opposed to the public ones)

  9. How was the show? What would you rate it?

  10. I was today years old when I learned this

  11. What county lmao there was a dunkin where I live that smelt like ass probably unrelated

  12. Do the wrestlers have any say in the quotes or does WWE’s writing team just write something their character would say

  13. The game doesn’t say this outright but The only reason he wanted the power of arceus was to use it to help his orphanage of puppies and babies

  14. I knew none of the top 3 but I didn’t know a lot of the people this season

  15. The worst she can say is no right?

  16. It’s because gravity is in charge of booking

  17. Martin should have went over here, Hadley didn’t need the win and a draw just makes it so no one gets over

  18. I’d rather have MJF than some of the people they have just for their name like Jeff Hardy

  19. The track’s got a vibe to chill too, enjoy life for 5 minutes man it’s not gonna kill you

  20. It’s a plastic cup thing, attached to a plastic chain. It was found in the house of a 100 year old woman, and I just can’t think of the point of it. There’s ridges inside the cup

  21. The show was alright, I felt the last couple years every episode was must watch tv, this episode felt like filler to me

  22. See I find it strange that they go up because if they want people to actually refinance it needs to be somewhat better than what the government already has as the fixed amount,

  23. Still waiting for AEW wacky races to be announced

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