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  1. reward from the monthly championship livestream

  2. Yeah he is so good at countering brawlers like surge Jacky and griff

  3. his hardcore gadget hardcounter gale's twister

  4. Idk what are mega goblins but if that means goblin gang I think this is one of the decks where I would use goblin gang instead of guards after it is getting a buff tomorrow.

  5. watch as its become an actual skin in the future (idk if I want a third wild west season)

  6. In Gem Grab, survival shovel is better than spinning shovel because he can pressure the enemy and assasinate brawlers/gem carrier faster

  7. Show me exactly when it was said that she is limited

  8. just curious if the pins is limited or not cause I want that meme pin (glasses one)

  9. you should do one without the skull Im curious what would crow with red eye look like

  10. Says the user with the name Fortnitegamer120

  11. What if Gus died because of some kids and Grom saw it and thats why hes afraid of them, he know what they are capable of

  12. what if Grom was the one who (accidentally) killed gus? that would explain his fear of children cause he's scared that he might do the same thing again to other childrens

  13. Those were the days Dynamike and Barley were the only throwers (and were considered very great back then)

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