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  1. Ya done gone and failed in the amount of $2000.

  2. It’s oddly specific. She absolutely fucked a 30 year old when she was 13 and is trying to justify it.

  3. Well, it’s an unfair comparison. Yours looks to have some corgi or dachshund in the mix. Full Dalmatian vs half. It’s a different thing entirely.

  4. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who thought this. And I don't know why I think this way.

  5. Well, she’s complaining about people complaining. I find the lack of awareness coupled with her sense of holier-than-thou fucking insufferable. Her mannerisms scream that she thinks she’s a better person.

  6. Yea, maybe that is what I am subconsciously seeing. Thanks for putting it into words haha

  7. I do what I can, my guy. The world needs less of people like her.

  8. Hey everyone. I see lots of people having angry feelings while complaining that we’re putting feelings first.

  9. It’s not just her. It’s many people doing this that I support.

  10. I want to know his motives for this more than any other comment lol

  11. I can’t tell what’s blurred out. Is it a penis?

  12. We outnumber these fuckers 10,000 to 1 now. We have more power than this.

  13. Save those. Harassment suit a’comin’. Talk to a lawyer.

  14. She’s getting what she needs to do what she needs. I respect that shit. Hard.

  15. I’m sure he’ll be glad he didn’t go to college in 10 years when subscribers are thinning out. This career won’t last forever.

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