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  1. No this is a trivia question. Name and date history is dam.near useless today.

  2. That's a broad topic. So yes they exist and state standards vary and within states teachers vary so they can be widely different.

  3. Do it. It's a fairly simple application.

  4. The link for next yr isn't up yet. I'll try to remember to post it in here when it goes live.

  5. Twist ending she was right all along

  6. For real (if it pays a livable wage tho, which I’m sure it doesn’t, cos EMS and all)

  7. Low cost of living area 14 hr for EMT. I'm a teacher though so this is a weekend/ summer job for me.

  8. That’s pretty lit. I’d considered going back and getting a teaching license and doing this for extra cash. Glad it works out for you

  9. Yeah man work a 24 once a week and it's all fun money.

  10. It's the only reason I went to school in high school.

  11. Karma mining or truly new to ems?

  12. How to shut my nose off.

  13. I think it's a sign of a good relationship between staff and administration, but it does come with the risk of favoritism.

  14. If Rory could just stop fucking up.

  15. Very few patients outcomes are improved by driving faster. A whole bunch is worse when we wreck.

  16. Oh fuck off then you're paid hourly not per transport. If it takes an extra 5 so be it.

  17. Significant improvement over 2, but not as good as Fantastic beasts.

  18. Incredible stuff from Rory today, his tournament could have ended when he got in the deep stuff but he stayed calm and now is in a great spot, I’m rooting for him

  19. I was pulling for him after that. Great battle back all day.

  20. Not self defense, he made no attempt to retreat

  21. Longer video shows he is retreading for some time.

  22. It's one of the top comments.

  23. Possible yes likely no.

  24. Tv “it’s 4 inches and growing “ me laughing. My wife just shaking her head.

  25. Watching Phil put like shit makes me smile.

  26. Rory following his script. Feel bad for him Saturday.

  27. Dispatched for kitchen fire. Dispatch advised us you should see a column they opened all the windows like last time.

  28. The don’t breath so defeats the shorts purpose. Plus fashion changes.

  29. Tell me you do IFT with out telling me.

  30. I was there today too, Throat hurts from screaming at the end.

  31. The stadium attendant went and got me some nice citizen bank sun screen. He was clutch.

  32. They supposedly have SPF dispensers around the stadium but they are always empty when I attempt to use them.

  33. That's what I was asking him about. And he was like I'll get you some. Worked out nice.

  34. I want to buy Brandon a beer.

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