1. She’s obviously using her major connections to Hollywood through her husband. DAE Alexa lost passion for wrestling by dressing like sea creature on TV show?

  2. Also explains why she couldn’t say she was gone! I’m glad she had fun.

  3. For me it's Prim's death. Katniss did everything she could and more to prevent it and still she died.

  4. This. The whole rebellion, the entire war, all of it is triggered by Katniss trying to protect Prim and she dies anyway. Katniss suffers so horrendously and so many people die just for the inevitable to happen. It’s like Final Destination level.

  5. To be fair, Jericho probably drank himself silly after McHitler asked him to put over Dango, so he may not have any recollection

  6. Hey! That’s really not fair. He drank himself silly because it was 7am. Nothing to do with Dango. Our king is benevolent.

  7. You suck! You suck! You suck! You suck!

  8. Am I really the only one that rewatches my concert videos?!!? I’ll only record my fave song or snippets so I can still dance! But even when I get home from the concert I’ll watch them to keep that high going lol

  9. No I do too. I have rewatched my videos from the Reputation stadium tour a million times. I only have maybe 15 seconds of about three songs, but when I’m having a bad day, I’ll pull open that clip and smile at the memory of that show, and how much fun my kids and I had that night.

  10. RKO Cody as he’s just about to win. It would shock literally everyone.

  11. I don't know shit about wrestling but if I hear anything bad about Sami Zayn or New Day I'm bringing out the folding chair.

  12. This, but add Kevin Owens to this list as well.

  13. That movie was honestly so weird to watch for me, Stephen Merchant sanitized her and her family so much it's unreal. Like, "oh look at this quirky wrestling family" when in reality they're a bunch of carny douchebags who abused their trainees/talent.

  14. Never forget that Saraya’s father once called Saraya “a commodity we can sell.”

  15. I don’t think you can ever rule it out. We all thought Edge was absolutely winning at WM 37, and Drew was absolutely winning at Clash, and both times Roman retained. While it looks like Cody is gonna win, you can never be sure when it comes to Roman and he could easily retain under duplicitous methods.

  16. Monica was right, she was the one who initially showed interest, with Rachel not seeming bothered. Then after finding out the same man was interested in her was quick to be ready to betray Monica.

  17. How is it a betrayal? He wasn’t attracted to Monica. Monica wouldn’t approach him. Rachel even asked Monica if she’d be okay with it and Monica said yes at first. She changes her mind later. Monica and Van Damme had never dated, or even spoken, and Rachel originally went over to do Monica a favour. In the end there was more than enough blame to go around. Monica shouldn’t have let Rachel go talk to him. Rachel shouldn’t have accepted the date. Monica shouldn’t have told Rachel it was fine when it wasn’t, and Monica definitely should have had the threesome with Drew Barrymore because Drew is hot af.

  18. It was definitely a symbolic closing of their youth. Even Monica breaking it was symbolic. They were young, single, carefree dudes, and then Monica came and changed the dynamic. Even at the end, they were still friends, but it was different. Chandler was a father, a husband. Even Joey realized that when he kept the chick and the duck because Chandler wouldn’t have time for them like he did with the other two. It was a way to say goodbye to those carefree days and move forward on their separate paths.

  19. Like others said, I think she’d do her best the first few years, but after awhile the rage would over take her. She would constantly feel like Snow was purposely making it hard for her tributes, or she would be too compassionate for any of the younger female tributes.

  20. No wonder she was so angry about the “she took a break for vacay” stuff. She’s out here worried she has cancer and dirtsheets are acting like she’s partying. I’m glad she’s got the all clear, and yesterday on her IG stories she showed the progress on a new ring jacket, so hopefully we see Alexa Bliss back on our screens soon.

  21. She looks absolutely stunning. Photo seven is a piece of art.

  22. Because he loved her. Not because of what she could give him, but because she was Katniss. Also, she saved his life. That boy would have died in the arena had Katniss not rescued him, got the medicine, shot Cato with the arrow, showed him nightlock was poisonous, etc. He would be dead without Katniss. Once they got to know each other, she did love him. But regardless of what happened, the reason Peeta got to live a long life was because Katniss fought for him every step of the way.

  23. I always wanted him to marry Mrs. Everdeen. Both have lost so much and had shared memories of Maysilee. They both deserved a second chance to find love. My kids are really into the books again, and when we were talking about what happened to everyone post war, I always say that Haymitch ended up in four married to Katniss’s mom and they visit at holidays and whatnot.

  24. I think MIB wins to get her to two wins, and the pageant girls usually slay that challenge.

  25. He is a phony asshole. He lies about being natty, and anyone who works out knows 50 year old men don’t maintain that size without gear.

  26. He’s also captain family despite being estranged from his oldest kid. He admits she hasn’t been to his house since 2016, and he does kids movies to get what he didn’t get from Simone. She wasn’t invited to his wedding either. Meanwhile, I’d bet money that tomorrow he will have a pic of him and his younger daughters acting all cute, so everyone will call him the best dad and it’ll ride him to the end of this negative press cycle.

  27. I assume it will be for the last show.

  28. Wonderland. It’s been a fave since 1989 came out and it’s gotten me through breakups, a cross country move, career changes, etc

  29. I dunno, I never got the vibe that katniss “loved” Gale. Even in the times they’d kiss or she’d feel possessive, it always felt like she was convincing herself that was how she was supposed to feel, or trying to make him feel better. He even says she only cares about him when he’s in pain. I think pre-games Katniss was so emotionally closed off to everyone but Prim, that she couldn’t allow herself to feel anything deep for anyone. Had she not been reaped, they probably would have ended up together out of necessity or familiarity more than actual love. Katniss only fell in love with Peeta because the Games and the rebellion forced her to be vulnerable and allow people past her walls.

  30. Crap he's gonna make her the 4th outcast isn't he

  31. She is VERY good friends with Saraya.

  32. But isn’t Sami taller? Does no one remember class pics? The tall one goes in the back.

  33. I think the difference with Bianca was that it wasn’t targeted. If Mistress was shady with everyone, it would be fine.

  34. Hasn’t MIB been shady with everyone? She was shady with the twins when they first got there, and only warmed up to them when they proved themselves. She was shady to Irene, to Marcia (and her fans got Mistress removed from socials), etc. She was even shady to Sasha on the main stage. She’s obviously gonna be seen going for Loosey more because that’s the narrative they want, just like Roxxxy was bullying Jinkx, who admits she gave as good as she got. I actually don’t mind Loosey, but she’s exhausting based on her edit. But MIB comes off less like a bully and more like Daya Betty, a bitch who just tells it like it is. The most egregious thing she ever said was that Loosey was lying, which she was. I’ve seen Bianca tear a Queen to shreds and the clips reposted to this day of “yassss bitch eat her up.” Even Yvie and Silky were far more aggressive than Mistress.

  35. It’s a very good pageant answer. I think Mistress added some zest by saying she was tired of the Sasha Colby meet and greet though.

  36. Agreed. Had she not said she was so over the Sasha Colby fawning, it would have been weak sauce. But instead she seemed sort of bothered, which I figured would open the door for some emotional moment next week.

  37. I predict a MIB win, but I’m also wondering if Sasha ends up in the bottom for her “humanizing” moment and the gasp! The superstar stumbles!

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